Ragna Crimson Season 2: Return Of The Powerful Duo

Ragna Crimson is an intense anime. It is about the duo of Ragna and Crimson. Set in a world of fantasy, the storyline of this Manga is quite different from usual anime. Ragna Crimson has been written and illustrated by none other than Daiki Kobayashi. The manga version of this anime is an ongoing one. The manga began getting serialised in the year 2017. It is still continuing. Ragna Crimson has thirteen tankobon volumes currently. 

Recently, we have received an anime version of the manga. The anime version was aired on 30th September 2023. Since the ending of the first season of the anime otakus have been asking if the anime is going to have another season or not. Well, we have good news for all the fans. If you want to know more about the anime’s next season, you will have to continue reading this article so that you can know more about it. 

Ragna Crimson Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled?

As mentioned earlier, we have good news for the fans. The anime Ragna Crimson Season 2 has been renewed. Yes, you have read it right. Ragna Crimson is going to return for another season. The creators have finished creating the second season of the anime. The second season of Ragna Crimson is going to air on 14th January 2024 at 1 A.M Japanese Standard Time. The release time of the anime will vary from place to place. You can calculate the release time of the anime in your place by having JST as your reference. 

The news is confirmed that Ragna Crimson is going to return for another season. The official tweeter account of the anime made an announcement about it officially. Therefore, we are sure that the news is not fake. The anime will return for Season 2. You will have to be prepared for the second season of the anime. 

The second season of the anime is going to be intense. Season 2 of the anime will deal with Ragna’s encounter with Taratectora. We are also going to know about the future of Starlia. Starlia was set to die in the first season. Will Starlia really face her impending death in the second season? To know your answers, you will have to watch the anime Ragna Crimson. 

Ragna Crimson Season 1 Storyline

The first season of Ragna Crimson deals with the duo Ragna and Crimson. How did they come into being? Answers to this question are present in the first season of the show. 

Ragna is a dragon hunter. So is Crimson. They both form a duo in order to exterminate all the harmful dragons from their world. The task is not at all simple. It is a difficult task. Ragna and Crimson have to overcome various hardships. They have to fight various battles in order to kill all the dragons for once and all. 

However, their path is not at all smooth. Throughout the first season of the show, Ragna and Crimson keep on fighting against the dragons. They have to make their world dragon free. Will they be able to do so? You will get your answers once you watch the first season of Ragna Crimson. 

Season 2 Storyline

The storyline of Season 2 of Ragna Crimson is going to be a continuation of the storyline of Season 1. As mentioned earlier, we are going to know more about Starlia’s and Ragna’s future. Ragna has to fight with Taratectora. Will he emerge as successful and win the fight against Taratectora? You will get your answers once Season 2 of the anime gets released on 14th January. 

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Ragna Crimson Reviews

The anime received a rating of 7.5/10 on IMDb. This shows that the anime is quite popular and quite famous. Ragna Crimson has a good rating. People have loved this anime. 

Since the anime has so much popularity, it is pretty obvious that Ragna Crimson is receiving a second season. Otakus have loved the anime, and they want the anime for a second season. Therefore, the creators have decided to return for another season. 

Ragna Crimson Streaming Platform

The anime Ragna Crimson is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. The first season of the anime is available there. However, you will have to have a subscription to the platform in order to watch the anime there. Therefore, before watching the anime on Amazon Prime, you will have to create an account there. We are hoping that the second season of the anime is going to be released on Amazon Prime as well. Let us hope for the best.

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