Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 Release Date: Is A Sequel Confirmed? 

Have you ever wondered how beautiful it would’ve been if you could migrate between worlds? This sounds supernatural and impossible, but Sasaki And Peeps makes it possible. In this article, we will have a talk on Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date.

The anime revolves around the life of an employee who finds it very dull to stay as a corporate worker. But soon, a little birdie changes his life and his future forever. Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? That’s why besides telling you about Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date, we will also have a discussion on the storyline of this anime.

Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 Release Date: Everything You Want To Know 

When we were very young, in our childhood, we used to hear different stories about different worlds. Worlds that are more colourful than ours but beyond the reach of normal human beings. These type of stories had always fascinated me but I never imagined them to be this colourful. But this is the power of the anime world – it makes everything so realistic for all of us. Sasaki And Peeps shows all of us a wonderful world that is beyond our reach. It starts off with the boring corporate life of an office employee who has not that much going on. 

But one day, he decides to get a pet and that marks a new journey for him. The man gains a lot of power which ultimately changes the course of his life forever. As an otaku, I have personally liked Sasaki And Peeps Season 1 due to it’s artistic visuals. But the main thing that matters forever for these cases is the storyline. Unless the storyline is well built, any anime will fail to reach a proper ranking on the list of the audience. Sasaki And Peeps Season 1 literally amazed it’s viewers and anime critics. Just take a look at the subreddits and discord forums. You will find out how impressed people are at the trailer.

Lately, the internet wants to know more about Sasaki And Peeps. Otakus are anticipating this storyline and hence they want to know everything about this. So, what is Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date? Does this anime have any sequel? Right now, there is no Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date. First season is coming out on 5th January 2024 – unless it is over, we cannot expect another one. The creators will have to look at how many views the episodes are getting from the audience. Most people are already excited after they announced the release of Sasaki And Peeps Season 1.

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Sasaki And Peeps: Story Of A Magical World And An Adorable Birdie

Now that you can have a clear idea about Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date, let us move on to the next part. Since the anime is an anime adaptation of the series of light novels under the same name, even before watching, we can expect a brilliant season. Sasaki And Peeps starts off by showing us the life of Sasaki, the main character of our anime. Sasaki is a normal man who works in the corporate sector as an employee. You can already understand how boring his regular life is. Most of the time, Sasaki is knee deep in his professional troubles and workload.

He does not have much going on in his life other than his office and his work. Sasaki does not even expect anything much in his life but one day, it changed forever. Usually, Sasaki ends his day staying tired and exhausted. He does not even have much hope and mostly, stays unfulfilled all the time. After he was doen with office, Sasaki used to go back home. He used to just sit and experience waves of loneliness since he had no one in his life. One day, Sasaki wanted to end his state of staying empty always and decided to get a pet for himself.

Sasaki went to a pet shop – his eyes got stuck on a little grey bird who was looking at him with adorable eyes. As a result, Sasaki decided to take that bird as his pet and brought him home. Now that he have the birdie, Sasaki will not feel alone and empty after coming back from office. But here comes the big twist – the bird is actually a sage from another realm. When they came home, the bird revealed it’s identity to Sasaki and granted him powers. It gave Sasaki supernatural abilities that would allow him to take a walk across different worlds.

The Team Of Voice Actors Behind This Anime And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series

Tomokazu Sugita is the voice behind corporate employee Sasaki. Aoi Yuki does an impeccable job as the little sage bird, Peep. Other notable voice actors in this anime include Hiroki Yasumoto, Inori Minase, Rie Takahashi, Akari Kito, Miyu Tomita, Naomi Ozora, Ryotaru Okiayu, Daisuke Namikawa, Jun Fukuyama, Mitsuo Iwata, Tessho Genda and Hiroki Yasumoto. Since there’s no chance of getting Sasaki And Peeps Season 2 release date now, let us focus on the first season. Be sure to check out Sasaki And Peeps on Crunchyroll.

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