Is There AI Working In GTA 6? Are The Rumours True? 

Grand Theft Auto VI, better known as GTA 6 is in high talk and we can’t wait to update you all about the same. After almost a gap of ten years, GTA 6 is happening! Some exciting information about the upcoming action-adventure game has recently slipped into our interest list. As per various online sources, the upcoming thriller game is expected to hold some unique features of AI! 

Over the past few years, we have seen an impressive growth in artificial intelligence and it will be highly interesting to see how the creators make the best use of it. Not to forget that GTA 5 was a massive success, gamers all around the world have super high expectations from GTA 6. So let’s not delay any further and quickly dive into the inside details of the game.

Is There AI Working In GTA 6? Are The Rumours True? 

Is There AI Working In GTA 6? Are The Rumours True? 

It is yet to be confirmed officially, but many do think that Generative AI will play an important role in GTA 6. The rumours mainly started because of Strauss Zelnick! He happens to be the CEO of Take-Two Interactive! According to him, Non-playable characters are quite basic and boring. To make them a bit more appealing and interesting, AI will be put to use. It seems like the developers of Rockstar Games are now planning to rewrite history! 

We all do remember what happened with the epic launch of GTA 5, a brand new benchmark was set in the whole video game industry! Many gamers do expect to see the same with GTA 6. Now coming back to the most important question of our discussion, with the help of AI, NPCs are anticipated to converse! Well, that’s not all, but all the Non-playable characters may also have a daily routine! 

The rumours also extend a bit further and claim that this time we might get to see two protagonists within the gaming arena! Unlike the old pattern where one used to follow another, in GTA 6 with the outstanding application of Generative AI, some intriguing changes are about to come under our view. For example, if you are controlling one protagonist, then the other one might not follow the same route, but instead create his very own pathway!  

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How Will AI Benefit The Developers Of GTA 6? 

Another important question that has recently popped up in front of us is this one. Not to forget that the use of AI will definitely increase their technical workload. There is no doubt in the saying that AI will make GTA 6 even more impactful and compelling. Leaks have also claimed that traffic management will become very much better in GTA 6. Instead of heading anywhere and everywhere, now the vehicles will most probably be handled more systematically. All thanks go to the rapid advancement of AI. 

But even then, we can never overlook the fact that huge investments have been made here. Zelnick himself has agreed with the above statement! Bringing AI into GTA 6 surely gives manifold benefits to the developers, but at the same time, the cost for this incorporation has been incredibly high. Moreover, there is also a factor of risk present in this whole idea. Since the game has not been officially launched, we still don’t know whether the gamers will be satisfied with the application of AI or not.

When Will GTA 6 Roll Out? Is The Launch Date Confirmed? 

You aren’t the only one thinking about this question! Gamers have already waited for a prolonged time to get their hands on GTA 6 and unfortunately, the wait is meant to be continued this year as well. To the best of our knowledge, GTA 6 might get an official launch date around 2025. We can say for sure that the game will not be released this year, as the above statement has also been confirmed officially. 

Since the action-adventure game is just a year away from us, gamers all around the universe are extremely curious to learn further about it. Hopefully, in the coming days, more information about GTA 6 will come under our radar. That’s all for now, to learn further about intriguing video games, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Is There AI Working In GTA 6? Are The Rumours True? – FAQs

1. Is GTA 6 finally happening?

Yes, Rockstar Games has officially started working on GTA 6. 

2. Is GTA 6 releasing this year?

No, GTA 6 is not meant to roll out in 2024. 

3. Do we have an official launch date for GTA 6?

As per our estimates, GTA 6 is expected to roll out in 2025. 

4. Will GTA 6 also hold some features of AI? 

Yes, GTA 6 will also hold some features of AI. 

5. Will the incorporation of AI make GTA 6 even more interesting?

Yes, the incorporation of AI will surely make GTA 6 even more interesting. 

6. Where can you play GTA 6?

You can play GTA 6 on both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. 

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