Where Is Sana Talikoti Now And What Is Her Net Worth?

Before talking about Sana talikoti, for all those who are not very well aware of who is what the main topic of the article is regarding no worries because the name which we are going to say right now is probably engraved in the minds of every Indian out there because of the humungous personality he became via his crooked means earn by scamming every Indian citizen out there. No, we are not talking about the Harshad Mehta scam it is actually the Abdul Karim Telgi scam which happened in the year 2003 and has been portrayed in front of us by the Sony live platform in the form of a web series. Abdul Karim Telgi the man who stood behind one of the greatest scams that has happened in the history of India the stamp paper scam is no more, he passed away in the year 2017 and since then there have been a lot of talks regarding the creation of a series to educate the nation about this historical event. Now for all those who have already watched the series very well, you may have now understood very well who Sana Talikoti is, and if you haven’t yet Sana is actually the daughter of the infamous Abdul Karim Telgi and she is also a part of the Telgi family and you shouldn’t get much confused regarding her surname because after marrying Irfan Talikoti things have changed quite a bit.

Now recently there has been a lot of news regarding Sana Talikoti because according to most sources which are available she is the only one living here the entire Telgi family. Following that, there has been much news regarding her filing a complaint against the makers of the scam in 2003 and that is because of the false portrayal of Abdul Karim Telgi based on some of the books that were available out there a long time back with no authorized information and they have claimed the entire series to be defaming their family and making it quite difficult for them to live peacefully in the society.

Who Is Sana Talikoti?

Where Is Sana Talikoti Now And What Is Her Net Worth

The main question that we have received the most from our fans is none other than this one, and that is mainly because of the fact that though she has been rumored to be related to the Telgi family, most people didn’t understand the connection that he is actually the daughter of Abdul Karim Telgi. One of the biggest factors behind this misunderstanding is mainly because of her surname being Talikoti, but we need to understand the fact that the change in surname from Sana Telgi to Sana Talikoti happened after she married Irfan Talikoti, who is the son-in-law Abdul Karim Telgi and he is currently dealing in the textile industry.

Yes, you are absolutely right, the little girl whom you saw in the web series Scam 2003, is the same Sana who is currently standing up for the image of her father as well as the name Telgi and has pressed charges against Hansal Mehta, claiming that the makers did not take proper approval from the family before making the series and along with that they have portrayed many factual inaccuracies which has defamed the entire Telgi family.

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Where Does Sana Talikoti Live?

Yes, we know that Abdul Karim Telgi, passed away in the city of Bangalore and we surely did spot both Sana Talikoti along Abdul Azim Telgi in the funeral rights, but after that proper news came out that the family currently lives in Mumbai, we have seen Sana presenting herself in front of many interviews along with that she has also filled the case against the makers of scam 2003 in Mumbai as well.

What Is The Net Worth Of Sana Talikoti?

Though, it is expected that Sana who is the daughter of Abdul Karim Telgi is quite rich and has inherited everything from her father, that is not the complete case because much of the family’s wealth was given back to the government in fines as well as for the development of the nation. Along with that, we see that Sana is actually married to a very successful businessman, however, all over there is no proper information regarding the net worth of Sana Talikoti with us right now. For more updates, we will have to wait a little longer.

Where Can We Watch Scam 2003?

The web show is only available for streaming on the Sony live platform and that is because the original streaming rights only rests with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Sana Talikoti?

Sana is actually the daughter of Abdul Karim Telgi?

2.Is Sana Talikoti married?

According to most reports, yes Sana has been married since 2014.

3.Who is Sana Talikoti married to?

Sana Talikoti is married to Irfan Talikoti.

4. Where can we watch Scam 2003?

The show is available for streaming on the Sony Live platform.

5. Is Sana Talikoti still alive?

Yes, Sana Talikoti is still alive and has recently launched a complained against Hansal Mehta.

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