The Rope Curse 4 Release Date – Is The Horror Thriller Premiering Next Year? 

If you are looking for some nerve-wracking horror stories, then you have come to the right place. Enjoy this winter season with all the compelling parts of The Rope Curse! Yet again, the popular franchise of The Rope Curse has caught our attention. After waiting for a couple of years, finally, The Rope Curse 3 has premiered on Netflix. 

But with this epic release, now all eyes are stuck on another sequel of this blockbuster franchise. Get ready to learn all about The Rope Curse 4! If we talk specifically of the ratings, then you must have noticed that out of the three sequels released, Part 3 actually managed to top the list. This has increased our hopes, and hopefully, the director will soon tell us more about The Rope Curse 4. 

The Rope Curse 4 Release Date – Is The Horror Thriller Premiering Next Year? 

The Rope Curse 4 Release Date - Is The Horror Thriller Premiering Next Year? 

Directed by the very renowned and talented, Liao Shih-han, we must admit that the gripping plotline of The Rope Curse 3 exceeded our expectations. Brimming with spooky scenes and eye-catching twists, the audience undoubtedly enjoyed seeing another intriguing part of The Rope Curse. Well, coming down to Part 4, as of now, we haven’t heard much about it. 

There is a clear gap of 2 years within all The Rope Curse movies, thus, Part 4 is still far away from our radar. But again, how can we not speak of the end credits of The Rope Curse 3? As you must have observed, the end credits scenes showed us a glimpse of Part 4. Given the ending of the previous film, we do anticipate that the famous director will soon make a comeback with The Rope Curse 4. Again, speaking of the release date, The Rope Curse 4 might premiere around 2025. 

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The Rope Curse 3 Ending Explained – Was Kuan-yu Successful In Stopping The Thai Demon?

The very ending of The Rope Curse 3 comes down to the moment when Kuan-yu along with Jia-min ultimately challenges the monstrous Thai demon. By this time, the demon had already managed to kill six individuals, and now he plans to win it all with his seventh sacrifice. Soon after, Jia-min also figured out that the demon had originally taken possession of Kumar Thong’s body and that is why he was able to control Wan-hua! The mother being absolutely blind by the love of her son, was not at all ready to believe the truth. As a result, the last offering comes into play! 

To conclude this scary battle, Kuan-yu will soon be travelling to an alternate world! He must find out the actual place of the demon. Thanks to his father, for helping him transform into Zhong Kui, this was his very last move! To everyone’s surprise, Kuan-yu had successfully managed to destroy the Thai demon. He used every mudra and step to take charge of the battle. Moreover, how can we ignore how Jia-min has constantly supported him? It was she who made him realise that being a heavenly mandate is not much of a curse! With her wise wordings and suggestions, even Kuan-yu was ready to change his mind! 

The Rope Curse 4 Spoilers Alert & More! 

The Rope Curse 4 Release Date - Is The Horror Thriller Premiering Next Year? 

Kuan-yu has finally accepted the Taoist principles and agreed to transform into Zhong Kui! Eventually, the Thai demon was forced back to its original place, and Jia-min also decided to purify the place forever. Now, that Kuan-yu has taken up the responsibility of the heavenly mandate of Zhong Kui, he must stay alert as more challenges are about to appear in front of him. Yes, he has brought a new twist to the opera performance and is all set to guide the young generation, but let us remind you all that this story isn’t over yet. 

The gate of ghosts was not closed, it is still very much open and active and thus stands the rootings of The Rope Curse 4. An even more terrifying demon is set loose in the mortal world! The end credits of Part 3 surely hint to us that even more tragic deaths will occur in the future. Well, that’s all for now, to learn more about other interesting horror films, stay connected with us, just right here. 

The Rope Curse 4 Release Date – Is The Horror Thriller Premiering Next Year? – FAQs

1. Has Netflix already shown the green flag to The Rope Curse 4?

As of now, Netflix hasn’t commented much on the popular Taiwanese film, The Rope Curse 4.

2. Do we have a concrete release date for The Rope Curse 4?

As per our estimates, The Rope Curse 4 might premiere around the end of 2025.

3. Has the filming begun for The Rope Curse 4? 

As of now, we haven’t heard much about the filming of The Rope Curse 4. 

4. Can you binge all the parts of The Rope Curse online?

Yes, all the parts of The Rope Curse can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

5. Was the Thai demon defeated by Kuan-yu?

Yes, the Thai demon was defeated by Kuan-yu. 

6. Was the gate of ghosts closed by Kuan-yu?

No, the gate of ghosts still remains to be open. 

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