My Fault Movie Part 2: Return Of The Movie!

Back in the year 2019 we got our first movie based on a Wattpad story. If you remember it, it was After. After has received 4 sequels since the release of the first movie in 2019. Today we are going to talk about one such movie that has been adapted from a Wattpad story. The name of the movie is My Fault. After the movie was released, fans went gaga over it. They want to know if My Fault will receive a sequel. Do we have any possibilities of receiving a sequel to My Fault? We are going to explore all the details that is there about the second part of My fault here. Therefore, let us dive into the topic right away!

My Fault Part 2: Release Date And More

The movie, My Fault, is based its eponymous Wattpad story written by Mercedes Ron. The movie was first released on 8th June 2023 on Amazon Prime. Since the movie was released, fans who have already watched it are wondering about a second part of My Fault already. Do you think that there will be a second part of My Fault? What are the creators thinking? Here, we have all the details.

My Fault Part 2 has been confirmed by Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has confirmed both the second part, Your Fault, and third part, Our Fault, of the movie. However, the network has not announced any release date as of now. Nevertheless, even if they have not announced any release date, they have shared a poster of the second part, Your Fault, on Instagram. The post says that the My Fault Part 2, Your Fault, will be released soon enough. Therefore, we can expect Your Fault releasing next year during the fall of 2024. We are not yet sure if the filming of the movie has started or not.

The audience reacted positively to the first part of the movie, My Fault. They were extremely excited even before the movie was released. Therefore, it is no surprise that the audience want to watch the second part of My Fault as soon as possible. Also, Mercedes Ron’s My Fault is a trilogy. The creators will not fall short of storyline while directing the second and the third parts of the movie. We have ample material to be converted into films. It can be concluded that My Fault will receive it second and third parts soon enough.

My Fault: Noah And Nick’s Story

The story of My Fault revolves around Noah and Nick. Noah was living a peaceful life, but things went upside down when her mother, Rafaella, decided to marry a billionaire named William Leister. Noah’s biological father, Padre, was abusive which was why Rafaella and Noah moved away from him. Noah did not anticipate this sudden decision of her mother’s. She was leading a happy life with her friends and her boyfriend in the town where they were living. However, after her mother got married to William Leister, Rafaella and Noah has to shift to a new town, into the huge mansion of William Leister.

It is in this mansion that Noah gets to meet her step brother Nick. Nick is the troubled son of William Leister. He is heavily into partying and car racing. The story of Noah and Nick begins when Nick gets the task of dropping Noah off. He fails to carry out the task and goes partying instead. Slowly and steadily Nick and Noah start to come closer to each other because of these clashes that they both encounter between them. Their annoyance for each other always has an undeniable attraction. As a result, they slowly delve into the each other and enter a forbidden relationship.

My Fault Part 2: Expectations

Now that Noah’s father Padre is dead, one obstacle is gone from their lives. However, what will happen when Ronnie gets out of jail? Also, William has got to know about the forbidden relationship between Noah and Nick. Both their parents will try to pull them apart from each other, but they will find a way to each other nonetheless. In a nutshell, it can be stated that My Fault Part 2, Your Fault, will be equally engaging like the first part of the movie.

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My Fault Cast And Crew: Behind The Scenes

The cast of My Fault includes Gabriel Guevara as Nick, Nicole Wallace as Noah, Marta Hazas as Rafaella, Ivan Massague as Padre, Ivan Sanchez as William, Fran Berenguer as Ronnie, Victor Varona as Lion, and Eva Ruiz as Jenna.

Domingo Gonzales directed the film My Fault. Alex de La Iglesia and Carolina Bang were the producers of the movie.

My Fault Trailer And Streaming Platform

We have attached the trailer of My Fault at the beginning of this piece of information. You can click on it to watch the trailer if you already have not.

My Fault is available for streaming on Amazon Prime. You will have to subscribe to the platform to watch the film there.

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