Fellow Travelers Season 2 Release Date: The Historical Drama

Webseries that really portray history are kind of rare. But there are definitely some good web shows that are specifically built for portraying anything historically significant. Fellow Travelers is one of those shows and in this article, we will talk about Fellow Travelers Season 2 release date.

The main plot of this series mainly focuses upon two gay political workers – their romance started a wildfire in the 1950s. How they finally end up is definitely a thing to watch out for. People are actually liking Fellow Travelers Season 1 after it came out. Apart from talking about Fellow Travelers Season 2 release date, we will also talk about the miniseries itself and it’s historical significance.

Fellow Travelers Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled?

Right now, we are living in the modern times which happen to be much accepting. These times are definitely better times if you compare it to the older days. Society is much more aware of the basic human rights nowadays. But this was not the case at all during the old times especially after the second World War. Fellow Travelers Season 1 revolves around the then-illicit same sex love affair. It tells about the story of two political coworkers who somehow got entangled with onw another. They fell in love and their steamy romance was not impressive for the society back then.

This web show has gained huge popularity some time after it came out. Since it portrays the difficulties and struggles of the LGBTQIA+ community over the years. How society tormented gay couples and declared war over same sex relationships, Fellow Travelers Season 1 portrays it very well. Even if it was considered illicit, the main characters of Fellow Travelers Season 1 kept on going with their relationship. To know what happens to them, you will have to watch this series. Most of the critics have praised the makers of this webshow for this endeavour. Overall, all the episodes of the season has gained good viewership after they came out.

Now that we have got a well knit first season from the creators, we definitely want to know what will happen to the series in future. The audience and the fans are also excited with this. They want to know – what is Fellow Travelers Season 2 release date? Are we supposed to get another season? Right now, we have no idea if we will get another season. There is no official update about Fellow Travelers Season 2 release date. Since the first season is doing well, I think there is some door open for Fellow Travelers to return for a second run.

Fellow Travelers: Historical Romance Amidst Lavendar Scare

Fellow Travelers Season 1 takes us back to the world of 1950s – the world has just started winding up after the second World War. Political realms and social dynamics are just gearing up after the traumatic events have settled down. Fellow Travelers mainly revolves around the lives of Hawkins Fuller and Tim Laughlin. Hawkins Fuller works at the Washington State Department – being a gay man, he spent his time having fun with other gay men. In his spare times, Hawkins was busy having sex with others who were like him. He was enjoying his single life full of fun until one incident happened. Hawkins came across a man named Tim Laughlin – Tim had something special in him. Through all his affairs with other men, Hawkins never felt such an attraction with anyone else.

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It was 1986 and Hawkins Fuller decided that he must be with Tim. This marked the beginning of a new romance story that changed the scenario in society forever. Tim Laughlin and Hawkins Fuller started to see each other and take each other out. However, the State Department soon began investigation regarding any same sex affair because at that time, these type of relationships were seen as illegal. As a result, Hawkins moved away from Tim so that the duo does not get caught by the State. From that moment onward, things started to get complicated in society. The AIDS activist groups began to roll out, Hawk had to undergo a polygraph test and questions about his sex life were made. Finally, in 1957, Laughlin and Hawkins meet in the funeral of their Senator.

Is Fellow Travelers Based On A True Story? Was This An Historical Event?

Fellow Travelers Season 1 tells us the story of Tim Laughlin and Hawkins Fuller. Both of them were political workers and somehow came across each other. Although initially they tried to work it out without any entanglement, in the end, things only got steamier. Fellow Travelers accurately describes some disturbing historical events. Have you ever heard about the term ‘Lavendar Scare’? In the 1950 to 70s, thousands of employees faced the wrath of society. Just because they were gay, they lost their jobs in various departments. The National Archives have enough proof about how the U.S. conducted lie detection tests to know the true sex life of every man in the department. Fellow Travelers Season 1 depicts the violent homophobic society that was actually there. But this does not mean that Fellow Travelers shows us the people involved in real life. 

The Team Behind Fellow Travelers And Official Streaming Platform Of This Series 

Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey leads this miniseries as Hawkins Fuller and Tim Laughlin. Other notable cast members include David Schine, Will Brill, Keara Graves, Noah Ricketts, Jelani Alladin, Linus Roache, Andy Milne, Erin Neufer, Allison Williams, Christine Horne, Chris Bauer, and Jane Moffat. The story of this series is based on Thomas Mallon’s novel of the same name. Since there is no official announcement about Fellow Travelers Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. If you want to watch Fellow Travelers, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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