Is Yu Yu Hakusho Based On A Manga? More About The Netflix Live Action 

Selfless acts are always successful and they never go in vain. The story of Yi Yu Hakusho tells us such a tale of sacrifice that amazes us all. In this article, we will have a discussion – is Yu Yu Hakusho based on a manga?

Well, for the past few months, people across social media platforms are divided for one reason. Netfix has released a live action wonder called Yu Yu Hakusho and it has gained huge popularity. Apart from talking about if Yu Yu Hakusho is based on a manga or not, we will talk about everything related to it.

Is Yu Yu Hakusho Based On A Manga? What We Know

Over all these years, we have read a lot of mangas. I do not need to be an otaku to say this, but apart from some mangas, most of them are amazing. But the success of these mangas are not just because of their solid storylines or well-fitting sub-plots. The writers and artists who are behind those mangas work hard together. Due to their combined efforts, we get to see such amazing panels or sequences. Recently, you must have seen a new title appearing on your Netflix page. Yu Yu Hakusho has come out and within a very short period of time, it has captured the attention of countless subscribers.

The story revolves around a young boy who loses his life while helping someone else. As a result, he is reborn in the same timeline inside the same body. But this time, his life is a bit different and this is what Yu Yu Hakusho is all about. Yes, this is a story of reincarnation – but if you think this is boring, you are absolutely wrong. People who have watched Yu Yu Hakusho have genuinely praised the storyline. The audience is loving all the characters in this series since the makers have prepared their arcs well. All-over, Yu Yu Hakusho has been successful with their first season.

Now, many of the viewers might want to know more about the series. Some fans were also curious – is Yu Yu Hakusho based on a manga? Or is it based on an anime? Well, Yu Yu Hakusho is based on a manga of the same title. Yoshihiro Togashi wrote the manga that came out back in 1990. It gained quite a success due to it’s illustrations and action sequences. Netflix has based it’s live action adaptation on this manga. The first season of Yu Yu Hakusho has managed to cover 51 chapters of Togashi’s manga. So if you were thinking that Yu Yu Hakusho is based on a manga, you are right.

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Yu Yu Hakusho: Sacrifices Never Go In Vain

Finally after so many failures, Netflix has learned how to come up with live action adaptations. Long before One Piece, we had live action Netflix titles – worst experience as an otaku will probably be Death Note. But yes, the studios have learned their lesson and this time, they have come up with an amazing plot. Yu Yu Hakusho is directly taken up from the Yu Yu Hakusho manga. The first season of the story is the first 51 manga chapters. The story of Yu Yu Hakusho revolves around Yusuke Urameshi who happens to be a rowdy young boy. 

Most of the times, you will find Yusuke in the corners of the streets instead of living a decent life. He is a good fighter and he makes money off this sport. Yusuke might be not like all those regular boys out there but trust me, he has a heart of gold. It was one day while Yusuke was coming from somewhere when he spotted it. He saw a car coming at full speed and an innocent boy was in front of it. Since there was not much time left in hand, Yusuke had to think quick. With every strength in his body, Yusuke pushed the boy away and sacrificed his own life.

It was a sad moment but a heroic one – soon, an enigmatic lady appeared in front of the ghost of Yusuke. It seems like the world of Afterlife got shaken at what Urameshi did and that’s why, he will get another chance. His soul was no match for heaven or hell, Yusuke was reborn. In this life, he has a lot of abilities because the Underworld has given him responsibilities. Yusuke is now the Spirit World Detective who must do everything in power to save the world from supernatural. He must save humans from any unusual demonic presence in the realms.

The Team Behind Yu Yu Hakusho And Official Streaming Platform Of The Series

Yu Yu Hakusho features a brilliant set of actors. Takami Kitamura plays the main character of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi. Kanata Hongo is the one who plays Hiei. Jun Shison acts as Youko Kurama and Shuhei Uesugi acts as Kazuma Kuwabara. Now that you know that Yu Yu Hakusho is based on a manga, you might want to revisit the first season. If you want to watch Yu Yu Hakusho, please go to Netflix.

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