The Banker Is Based On Whom? Let’s Unveil The Truth!

Movies with true stories have become very common nowadays. This is because people love to watch these kinds of movies. As these movies are based on real people with real stories the audience feels more connected with these movies. One of the movies titled “The Banker” is one of the best when talking about true story-based movies. After watching the movie, people now have questions regarding the characters and the story. The banker is based on who? It is a common question people have in their minds after watching the movie. Read this article to find out the answers you have in your mind.

The Banker Is Based On Whom?

Is this movie about real people and is it their story? Yes, this is based on two African American men and it is their story. These men are named Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett. They endeavoured to become very big bankers in the 1960s. Also, they became landowners in the 1950s and 1960s. This was the time when it was very difficult for these African-American people to survive. So these men decide to find their way in this world. After this, they did a huge scandal to become successful but finally went to jail in 1964. It was a very big step they made to reach the top.

They were successful but in a wrong way and hence they have to serve imprisonment. This movie is one of the best movies to learn something from. Apple TV is going to release this movie but its release got delayed due to some reasons. It is now streaming on Apple TV and is available for watching. People who are yet to watch this masterpiece should definitely watch it. There are very less movies with interesting and engaging storylines and this one is one such movie.

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The Banker: What Is The Movie About?

It is the story of Joe Morris and Bernard Garrett who due to their race and colour face a lot of difficulty in the country. They tried to become bankers, landlords, and businessmen but never succeeded in it. Due to this, they become con artists so that they can fulfil their dreams. In the event of becoming successful, they did a scandal but no one could catch them. By the year 1962, they both became rich businessmen. Now they wanted to buy a white bank and for this, they chose the Texas bank. They gave an offer to the building owner and the owner was ready to sell the building to them.

A loan was taken for the same from a white banker. Donald Silverthorne was ready to give them the loan which they wanted. But there was a problem as they couldn’t bring themselves in front of the public. Due to their race and colour, they couldn’t show themselves as the owner of the bank. They couldn’t also show up as the board of directors or businessmen. For this, they disguised themselves as a friend of a white named Matt Steiner. This friend of theirs was not a real person but a set-up they hired for the white face of their bank.

The Banker: What About The Cast Of The Movie?

Apple TV has done a great job by streaming this movie. Viewers and critics both have loved this movie a lot and provided a very high rating. Not only the plotline of the movie but the cast members have given their best to make it a worthwhile movie. These cast members are the best actors and after showing their acting skills in this movie they have won the hearts of people. Cast members of the movie include Jackson, Mackie, Nicholas Hoult, and so on.

Not only in this movie, these actors have done a great job in other movies too. Out of a hundred per cent, these actors have done the fifty per cent job. People who have given good reviews have praised the actors in the movie a lot. They have picked up the story very precisely and have done their jobs perfectly. People who haven’t yet watched the movie should go and watch the movie. One who wishes to watch the movie should go the Apple TV and if they have a subscription, they can watch the movie.

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