Onmyōji Is Based On A Book – Learn Further About The Original Novel!

Created by Soubi Yamamoto, a brand new version of Onmyōji has recently rolled out on Netflix and fans look extremely excited to learn more about it. The original net animation we all have been waiting for is finally here. Produced by studio Marvy Jack, yet again an eye-catching anime has caught our attention. Speaking solely of the ratings, Onmyōji has performed quite well on the giant OTT platform! But before we head to the detailed plot of the original net animation, here is all we have gathered about the creation of Onmyōji. 

Onmyōji Is Based On A Book – Learn Further About The Original Novel!

Onmyōji Is Based On A Book - Learn Further About The Original Novel!

A brilliant combination of short stories, a book that comes with a blend of history and fantasy, the popular Japanese novel of all time happens to be Onmyōji. The newly launched Netflix series is 100 percent based on the original novel tale. As anticipated by many, there is still more to see here and thus Onmyōji Season 2 is also in discussion. Written by the very renowned author of Japan, Baku Yumemakura, Onmyōji is definitely worth bingeing once. 

Besides the original material available, some also say that the original net animation is inspired by the manga of the same name penned by Reiko Okano. But, according to our research, the anime series is not based on the manga tale. Moreover, sources have confirmed that the anime series present on Netflix is modified a bit by scriptwriters Natsu Hashimoto and Yuiko Kato. But other than this, no further changes have been made to the original story.

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Get A Quick Summary Of Onmyōji! 

We are travelling back to the ancient period of Japan. Get ready to learn further about the great Heian Kingdom! A fictionalised story of magic and fantasy, from eye-catching magic portions to devilish demon forces, everything you have been looking for is here. This epic story reminds us of Abe no Seimei, the legendary mage of all time, who will do everything possible to save the kingdom from ruining down. As the story proceeds, we will see how our beloved onmyōji pairs up with the noble courtman Minamoto no Hiromasa. 

From becoming his dear friend to befriending him, a lot is bound to happen in the 13-episode Netflix series. As the Heian-capital Kyou comes under risk, the story introduces us to another iconic mage named Douson. Unlike Abe no Seimei, this new onmyouji plans to end the emperor’s rule forever. As he embarks on this supernatural mystery adventure, a bunch of challenges are also set to appear in his way. It will be interesting to see how our iconic protagonist manages his way out to save the people of the Kingdom. 

Onmyōji Ending Explained – Is Abe No Seimei Dead? Was He Able To Save Hiromasa? 

Onmyōji Is Based On A Book - Learn Further About The Original Novel!

The ending truly impressed us a lot, we were highly astonished to see such a heart-touching conclusion of the anime. In the climax, Seimei finally realises his mistake. Upon knowing what Hiromasa had done for him, Seimei thought of returning the favor and thus he pledged to bring back Hiromasa’s life anyhow. Heartbroken and shattered to see his friend dead, Seimei finally decides to perform the Lord Taizan ceremony. 

Thankfully, he was able to complete it, but in this course, he ended up calling even more powerful and deadly demons! Yes, he did manage to bring back Hiromasa’s soul, but Seimei is now gone forever! As the rule says, to bring back a life, he must sacrifice another. But then comes another major twist in the story, as everyone thought Seimei was dead, we are introduced to the mastermind Ashiya Doman! With her dark magic, she possibly made a decoy version of Seimei and eventually fooled Lord Taizan. 

But even after surviving, Hiromasa was still in danger. As anticipated by us, Atsumi again attempted to finish him forever. But Hiromasa managed to change his mind and heart. With the power of music, he was able to make Atsumi a wise man! Surprisingly, even his demonic features couldn’t win over Hiromasa’s superior skills. Moreover, we also saw how Seimei ended up giving his real identity to Ashiya Doman! Well, to learn further about Onmyōji, you need to binge all the episodes of this incredible anime series.

Onmyōji Is Based On A Book – Learn Further About The Original Novel! – FAQs

1. Did Abe no Seimei exist for real?

Yes, Abe no Seimei existed in reality. 

2. Is the popular Netflix anime, Onmyōji based on a novel?

Yes, the popular Netflix anime, Onmyōji, is based on a novel of the same name. 

3. Is the popular Netflix anime, Onmyōji, based on a manga?

No, the popular Netflix anime, Onmyōji is not based on the manga version. 

4. Did Abe no Seimei die in the popular Netflix series?

No, Abe no Seimei did not die in the popular Netflix series. 

5. Was Seimei able to bring back Hiromasa’s life?

Yes, Seimei was able to bring back Hiromasa’s life.

6. Did Atsumi change into a better person?

Surprisingly, at the end of Onmyōji, Hiromasa was able to change Atsumi into a better person. 

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