Is Fairy Tail Manga Finished? Are The Rumors True? Analyzing The Reality!

Mangas are no doubt proven to be the best mode of entertainment these days. Before when this was known only in Japan, now almost all part of the world is busy watching anime TV series or reading manga magazines. When we talk about manga and anime, the one which ever time strikes the head of anime lovers is this manga, which we are going to discuss. Can you guess what are we talking about?

Yes, yes, you are right! We are going to discuss everyone’s favorite manga and anime as well. “Fairy Tale” manga series. This has been ruling the hearts of people from the year 2006 via manga magazines while from anime it has been entertaining people from the year 2009. But all these were released in Japanese. Finally, when the magazine got approved to be released in English back in 2008, that changed the views of all the audiences and made every one of them fall in love with itself. 

But is it going on till now? Will the manga release its new chapter soon? Or is it over? We are thus here to answer all these questions and remove all the queries that still exist in your brains about your favorite manga. But have you ever understood why this has gained so much popularity? Of course due to its plot and characters. So we will also be discussing this in our article today. 

Is Fairy Tail Manga Finished? 

The manga was first released in Shonen Magazine in August 2006 and lasted till July 2017. After the magazine, it was adapted to release as an anime Television series which ran from 2009 to 2019. Later in the English language, this was released from the year 2008 to 2010.

But after the new volumes and chapters stopped coming after and being released in magazines or the screen, fans got worried and asked to clear if the manga and anime series were finished. After years of waiting, the fans have finally got their answers and that is bad news for them, as their favorite manga and anime both have ended. 

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What Makes It Famous?

To make a manga famous, the most important point includes its fascinating character and the extraordinary unie plot. And Fairy Tale has both of them. Beinign from the story to its end, the manga will never make you feel bored of its plot. Eveyrhint g turn will be of some excitements. Either it will be full of laughter or full of sorrow. Never in this, there will be one genre, every turn will have a different sort of expression and feeling to keep its fans entertained throughout the series.

But what is the series Fairy Tale all about? The story of Fairy Tale fits best for those who love watching fictional adventurous stories. This manga, all the way revolves around these fictional creatures especially the two protagonists of the manga, Natsu Drgnell who is a fire wizard with all dragon-like capabilities, and Lucy Heartfillia, who is a celestial wizard and are both amazing friends. From beginning to end both of them, along with their other teammates in the Fairy Talw guild, perform tasks and undergo various missions. 

The series is always bound to adventures, battles, and missions. Along with it, involves the emotional and physical imbalances in different creatures, and laso them attaining a good relation among themselves. As said, this manga will never bore you and will always feel like a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From fierce to sorrow to laughter, everything is included in this amazing manga series. 

Who All Makes It Special To Watch?

To make any manga and anime special it is always its amazing characters apart from the plot, who execute the written plot amazingly. And when it comes to these fictional characters it is even more exciting to watch them execute the plot. Thus this manga is made even more special by its characters. Who are they? Let’s see!

Lucy Heartfilia is a celestial wizard, Natsu Dragneel is a fiery wizard like the dragon, Carla is a white cat who can transform into human-like, Happy is a blue cat who can fly with its wings, Gray Fullbuster is an ice wizard who can very easily control the ice, Gajeel Redfox is the Irn Dragon Slayer who can work and control the metals, Laxus Dreyas is again a lightning wizard, Erza Scarlet is a swordswoman known for her power, strength, and strictness, Juvia Lockser is a water wizard who can easily manipulate water and Wendy Marvell, a sky dragon slayer whose role is to control the air.

Where Is The Manga Available

The Fairy Tale manga anime TV series is available on TV Tokyo and Crunchyroll in English translation.

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