“A Perfect Story” Season 2 Release Date – Is The Mini-series Finally Renewed By Netflix? 

If you are someone who just adores bingeing romantic drama series, then we might have something you would like to add to your binge list. Another heart-warming Spanish drama has recently caught our view and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Two imperfect souls come together to make a perfect love story! Starring Anna Castillo and Álvaro Mel, “A Perfect Story” is now streaming on Netflix and over the months, the show has become quite popular out there.

Directed by Chloé Wallace, the miniseries elaborates a beautiful love story, which not only focuses on the true meaning of love and relationship but also celebrates the true essence of friendship. If you have read the classic romantic tale by Elísabet Benavent, then you will definitely enjoy this series. The show didn’t have a long line-up of episodes, thus many expect to see a few more episodes of “A Perfect Story”. On popular demand, here is all we have gathered about the return of the show! 

“A Perfect Story” Season 2 Release Date – Is The Mini-series Finally Renewed By Netflix? 

A Perfect Story Season 2 Release Date - Is The Mini-series Finally Renewed By Netflix? 

One was running from her marriage, while the other was madly chasing his ex-girlfriend! From the very beginning, Margot had doubts about marrying Filippo. But David had a straight mind, no matter what the situation was, Idoia had to be the dream girl he was looking for. Two exactly opposite souls were meant to meet someday! One is a tip-to-toe perfectionist while the other one has a forever casual attitude. They surely met by luck, but the surreal bond they will develop over time might soon change their future forever. 

With entertaining twists and turns, A Perfect Story is a complete blend of drama, romance and chaos! Now coming down to the main question of the day, as of now, Netflix hasn’t commented on any of the rumours out there. Since it’s a miniseries, we don’t really hope to see a second instalment of the show. Again, a few sources have also confirmed that “A Perfect Story” happens to be a limited series. Since it’s based on a novel, as per our observations, the creators have already exhausted the material available. Thus, the popular Spanish drama might not make a comeback with Season 2. 

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A Perfect Story Ending Explained – Did David Realise About His True Feelings? 

Their impromptu vacation to Greece finally made them realise that they are truly made for one another. Unlike Filippo, David always encouraged Margot to be free and alive! He made her realise that she could do everything and anything out there! In a sentence, he boosted her so much that she wasn’t afraid anymore. Although both belong to different social groups, they could easily balance each other out. The intimacy they shared truly impressed us a lot. But then one fine day, Margot saw David speaking to Idoia and everything turned upside down. 

Moreover, Filippo as well was continuously trying to be in touch with Margot. Yes, David did have feelings for Margot, but since she belonged to the upper class, he decided to back off. He started thinking that he didn’t have enough money to keep her happy and satisfied. This was undoubtedly a bummer for all of us. They came back to Madrid and as the story moved forward, both went back to their normal life. On one hand, Margot was doing an excellent job in her career. While on the other side, David finally had a little shop of his own. This is where the last and the third part of the story began. 

Margot and David both ultimately moved on in their respective lives, but the question of “what if” continued to bother them. Meanwhile, Margot also met someone in London whom she started liking a lot. Finally, after three prolonged years, she had enough courage to face David for one last time. She travelled to Spain to see him but instead bumped into one of David’s close friends. She was extremely happy to know that David had settled down. And then came the moment, when she met the man she had once loved with all her heart and soul. 

She handed over an iPod to David, it had a beautiful playlist covering all the songs she had listened to all these years. David knew that Margot could be the “one” for him, but always feared the thought of losing her forever. But now that she has travelled down to meet him, he finally decided to stop her from walking off. This time they decided to stay strong! They took that one chance which is now going to shape up their happy ending! It was indeed one of the best Spanish mini-series we have ever binged on Netflix. 

A Perfect Story Season 2 Spoilers – Is The Story Going To Be Continued? 

A Perfect Story Season 2 Release Date - Is The Mini-series Finally Renewed By Netflix? 

Wish we had more content from Margot and David’s life, but since the series had a happy ending, it’s quite unlikely that we will see another season of this mesmerising love story. They ultimately decided to cut off all the ties from their past relationships and finally decided to be together. Thankfully, things weren’t that bad, in fact, it was much better than they had anticipated. Since Margot had an apartment in London, she offered David to move in with her. This time he didn’t hesitate much and decided to be with the one he loved the most. 

Luckily, he also opened a flower shop of his own. Years went by and they were still standing with one another and this clearly says why they were a perfect match! As mentioned above, there is no further story here. The two already got the ending they were looking for and thus there is no point in exaggerating this story any further. The novel is complete and so is the mini-series. Sadly, we don’t have any spoilers for you all! But you can still keep your hopes alive as Netflix will soon bring more such content in front of us. That’s all for now, to get more such interesting updates on the newly released Netflix shows, stay connected with us, just right here.

“A Perfect Story” Season 2 Release Date – Is The Mini-series Finally Renewed By Netflix? – FAQs

1. Is the popular Spanish drama, “A Perfect Story” finally coming back with Season 2?

As per the information collected by us, the popular Spanish drama, “A Perfect Story” will not be scheduled for Season 2. 

2. Whom did David choose at the end of the series? 

At the very end of “A Perfect Story”, David finally decides to stop Margot and plans to be with her.

3. Can you binge all the episodes of “A Perfect Story” online?

You can easily binge all the episodes of “A Perfect Story” online, exclusively on Netflix. 

4. Is the popular Spanish romantic drama “A Perfect Story” a limited series?

Yes, the popular Spanish romantic drama “A Perfect Story” is a limited series. 

5. Did Margot come back to David? 

Yes, after a gap of three years, Margot finally decided to meet David for one last time. 

6. Did Margot and David move in together? 

Yes, our love birds, Margot and David finally decided to give themselves a chance and planned to move in together.

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