Did Telgi Spend 90 Lakhs In A Bar: What’s The Real Story? 

Streaming exclusively on the Sony LIV platform, another intriguing drama series has come up on our radar and here are all the details you need to know about it. Released a few weeks back, particularly on the 1st of September, 2023, based on a true story, “Scam 2003: The Telgi Story” is surely hard to skip. Directed by Tushar Hiranandani and Hansal Mehta, this biographical financial thriller definitely managed to hold our attention. This story takes us back to the very beginning of the 21st century! The one criminal mastermind who managed to do a scam of $3.8 billion. 

Yes, you are thinking in the right direction, this thriller drama is centred around the very sharp, brave, intelligent and clever Abdul Karim Telgi. The series not only concentrates on Telgi’s mischievous and questionable character but also throws light on some of the crucial points of his whole life. Who would have thought that a man would be successful in wiping off billions by simply printing stamp papers? Well, the ratings of the series speak for themselves. Thus, on popular demand, here are some interesting updates about Telgi!

Did Telgi Spend 90 Lakhs In A Bar: What’s The Real Story? 

Did Telgi Spend 90 Lakhs In A Bar: What's The Real Story? 

Abdul Karim Telgi has always been known for his crimes and fraudulent activities. But even this convicted mastermind had a secret love story! Yes, you heard it right, there was a time when Telgi was deeply in love with someone. It’s quite hard to believe but rumors do say that a mysterious woman was able to rule over Telgi’s heart. From an innocent man to a notorious fraud master, Telgi had his personal reasons to go through such a drastic transformation! But before we tell you more about the series, you need to learn more about Telgi’s personality. 

After losing his father, his life crumbled apart. This is how he lost his childhood. Then came the story of his struggle to work day and night just to gain enough for his education! It’s indeed true that he was never a born criminal. It’s better to believe that circumstances changed him a lot, especially those days when he was trying to make a living in Saudi Arabia. Seven years later when he returned to India, Abdul had a different plan in mind. As the story moves forward, we will see an upliftment in his whole character and lifestyle. 

He always liked to enjoy a high-end life! With unlimited amounts in his pocket and bank account, he was able to spend a lot more than a normal individual. Apart from this, he was also very fond of music bars and that is how he met the love of his life, Tarannumn Khan. According to various online media platforms, there was a time when he offered a sum of 90 lakhs to this strange woman. Reports further revealed that he was so much in love with her that during a sudden evening establishment, he couldn’t control his feelings any further and ended up offering this sum to her.

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Scam 2003: The Telgi Story – Review & More! 

Wondering why you should binge on this true crime thriller? Well, here are all the right reasons for you to do so. If you have followed Hansal Mehta’s previous works, then you must have come across his blockbuster project namely, Scam 1992. Well, a new story has recently come up in this classic thriller franchise and just like the first instalment, Scam 2003 also exceeded our expectations. The two directors managed it quite well to play around the real life of Abdul Karim Telgi. 

Whether it was giving a proper insight into his troubling teenage life or narrating his criminal mindset, they have undoubtedly pulled off a brilliant thriller tale. The various twists and turns involved in the story truly impressed us a lot. The blockbuster drama not only digs deep into Telgi’s mischievous acts but also throws light on the fact that there is always a dark past that stimulates a normal man to be a criminal. Scam 2003: The Telgi Story also throws light on other relevant social issues like poverty and inequality. The thriller drama has also got some incredible ratings on IMDb and Gadgets 360. 

Why Did Abdul Karim Telgi Choose To Be A Fraudster? 

You either learn from your hardships, or you try to break the barriers of poverty and inequality. In this case, Abdul Karim Telgi had seen it all. One may say that Telgi was just another man who dreamt of growing rich as quickly as possible. Now the main question here is, what way did he choose to do so? His illegal path eventually took him nowhere and ultimately marked his downfall. What’s even more shocking was the involvement of other higher authorities in this whole scam! Abdul Karim Telgi had also spent a good amount of time in Saudi Arabia, but the inside details of these 7 years were never known by any. 

His father used to work for railways but at a very young age, the Telgi family lost the only man earning in their house. To gather bread for a day, the Telgi brothers started selling fruits and vegetables on trains! Yes, many see Telgi as a wrong person, but even he had his own problems and life struggles. We cannot deny that he was responsible for his deeds, but again every criminal has a reason for doing his crime. In this case, Telgi’s greediness destroyed him forever! He had a strong gameplan in mind and if not pointed out by others, Telgi would have easily slipped away from the police radar. 

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Scam 2003: The Telgi Story – How Was Abdul Karim Telgi Arrested?

Did Telgi Spend 90 Lakhs In A Bar: What's The Real Story? 

It was Jayant M Tinaikar who gathered all the resources possible to expose Telgi. He happened to be a major asset for the cops and played a very important role in this whole scam. In fact, you would be highly shocked to know that, to solve the whole puzzle, Jayant M Tinaikar didn’t even mind going bankrupt! To bring Telgi’s real face to the whole world, Jayant knocked at every possible door of help. Despite numerous life threats, the social activist never thought of stepping down from this case. From discovering the fact that Telgi’s stamp paper business has eroded crores from the government to tracing him down in Ajmer, Jayant M Tinaikar surely deserves all the credit for exposing the kingpin. 

He was even offered around 60 lakhs to keep his head low, but this whistleblower refused to stay quiet. According to Tinaikar’s investigation, Abdul Telgi was not only involved in counterfeiting stamp papers and post stamps but also in other fraudulent activities. From making fake passports, money laundering, and black marketing of kerosene to printing counterfeit currency notes, his scam spread over 12 states in India. Since many corrupt officers were also part of this scam, tracing Abdul was a very difficult task for everyone. But Jayant being a mere common man, truly managed to make the impossible come true. 

Is Abdul Karim Telgi Still In Jail? 

It was on the 17th of January, 2006 when Abdul Karim Telgi was officially declared guilty of all the offences he had committed. He was sentenced to a period of not less than 30 years. But his imprisonment period expanded again when his other crime records were brought in front of the court. Thus, he was meant to stay for an additional 13 years in jail. As per various online sources, the fraudster was suffering from meningitis which eventually became the main reason for his death.

Before he could see the sun again, after a tiring journey of 13 prolonged years in jail, Telgi finally took his last breath on the 23rd of October 2017. Reports further revealed that Telgi was also diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension! Some sources even claimed that Telgi’s crime records eventually took his life. That’s all from our end, stay connected with us, to get more such compelling news and intriguing information.

Did Telgi Spend 90 Lakhs In A Bar: What’s The Real Story? – FAQs

1. Was Abdul Karim Telgi having a secret love affair? 

It was never really confirmed, but one can surely say that Abdul was very much flawed by Tarannumn Khan’s beauty! 

2. Is the kingpin of India, Abdul Karim Telgi still alive? 

The kingpin of India, Abdul Karim Telgi is no longer alive. He died a few years back, particularly on the 23rd of October 2017. 

3. How much money did Abdul offer to Tarannumn Khan?

As per various sources, during a single night establishment,  Abdul offered a total of 90 lakhs to Tarannumn Khan. 

4. Were various corrupt officers helping Abdul Karim Telgi to carry out the grand scam? 

Yes, the information is accurate, various corrupt officers did help Telgi to carry out the grand scam. 

5. Was Abdul Karim Telgi a fruit seller? 

After losing his father, the Telgi family didn’t have enough money, thus Abdul Karim Telgi started off his career as a fruit seller. 

6. Was Abdul Karim Telgi exposed by a whistleblower?

Yes, Abdul Karim Telgi was exposed by a whistleblower, namely, Jayant M Tinaikar. 

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