Who Was The Express Bandit In The Railway Men? Is It For Real? Did He Run Away With Cash? Analyzing What’s Truth!

Series inspired form the real events are expected by the fans to have everything for real, including the plot or the characters in the scenic. But what if the director or the writer adds up a new part to make it even more interesting and it actually seems to be a part of the reality? This is what happened in the new upcoming Netflix series The Railway Men. This is a real-life based miniseries, that hit the screens of fans on November 18, 2023 via Netflix.

Apart from all its characters, Iftekaar, Imad, and Rati, there’s a dacoit in the series, Balwant who is shown to be a bandit, a person who loots the passengers. And the night of the incident he had come to loot the money from the vault of the station. But the fans do question his existence in the series, was he present in reality? Or is it a fictional character? So let us just find out the truth.

Who Was The Express Bandit In The Railway Men?

Amidst all the characters of the series, there is an interesting character Balwant Yadav a dacoit, who was at the Bhopal station on the night of the Gas Tragedy and came to loot the money from the vault of the station. Balwant Yadav is thus termed as an Express Bandit in the series, for he belonged to the group of thieves who looted the passengers and stations. 

Now there is a question if this bandit was real. Or is it something fictional? Well, the director has mentioned in an interview, that he introduced the Express ABndit in the series to put up some extra spices and make it way, more interesting for the fans. Thus, no one like Balwant Yadav was present that night of the Gas Tragedy, with the station master, Iftekaar, and the loco pilot Imad. 

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Did Bandit Flew Off with The Cash That Night?

On the 2nd December 1984 night when gas was leaked at the Union Carbide Limited company, and the whole wholeBhopal was choked with dangerous Methyl isocyanate gas, a dacoit was ready to loot the station of Bhopal, which he knew was full of cash in its vault. The dacoit is the Express Bandit, Balwant Yadav who had a plan of shifting the station vault. But the destinies had different plans for his life ahead.

When he along with station master, Iftekaar, and loco pilot Imad, heard the crowd, crying for help, Balwant along with the two others decided to help the crowd instead of running along with the money. Later as the story forwards, and Rati Pandey visits Bhopal station with help, Balwant has much time that he can steal the cash and run away and no one could know about it. 

But as time has witnessed any tragic incident is enough to change a soul. This is what happened with Balwant as well. Though he had time and situation to complete the plan and run away with the cahs because everyone was busy, there was a rush, and Itekaar and Imad were dead, so he could have run out of money. But he chose to stay with them and help the crowd save their lives. 

Is He A Real-Life Thief?

After Divyendu’s role as a dacoit Balwant Yadav in this new series on Netflix has gained a lot of hype on the web, people ask the makers of the series whether this thing was real when all the tragedies happened years back in 1984. Also if he is real, did he really leave the money and go on a social way of helping people instead of executing his plan to loot all the cash from the vault?

In an interview, the series director, made a statement that Divyendu’s role of Balwant is completely a fiction role just to add some twist to the story. Also, there was no such happening in the past, but it is personally observed by fans even that the role of Divyendu, adds up real more twists to its plot and also that they have loved his role. 

Where Is The Series Available 

The series The Railway Men is streaming on Netflix from 18th November, 2023. 

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