Where Is Abdul Karim Telgi’s Family Now?

Now all of you out there may very well be aware of the name Abdul Karim Telgi, and if you are not, then you are, missing out on a lot because it is just not the person whom you are not aware of, it is actually the entire scam which revolved around this scammer in the year 2003. along with that, another important reason why the name Abdul you know Karim telgi is so very well known in today’s world is that Gen z’s may have got to know about this man and the scam he did from the very infamous Sony Liv series sequel titled scam 2003, but the millennials have actually seen this scam happen in front of their eyes and along with that, the scammers have been just a common man like us, who had a huge hunger for success and nothing else. When you start watching the series Scam 2003, the audience slowly tends to understand that the entire opportunity of the scam was actually served to the scamster on a silver plate by the Indian government itself and nothing more. following that recently we have also been served with the news that Abdul Karim Telgi, the man who knew how to create money with stamp papers, passed away, and since there have been a lot of different types of rumors going around moving forward all over the country which has been continuously opposed by the remaining members of the Telgi family.

Before moving forward to the main topic of the article, coming to the reviews and the ratings of the show Scam 2003, the IMDb ratings have been quite high and along with that, the reviews have also been mostly positive from the critics’ end. for all those who are wondering about what the actual topic of this article is going to be, it is mainly concentrated on one big name Sana Talikoti and the main query is about the rest of the family of Abdul Karim Telgi and where they are right now. To know all those answers read this article till the end.

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Who Are The Members Of Abdul Karim Telgi’s Family?

Where Is Abdul Karim Telgi's Family Now?

now all those who have seen the series themselves will be very aware of the fact that Abdul Karim Telgi is actually married and has also got a daughter and a son whom he used to love more than anything. following that, we also get to see his original family before his marriage, from where his actual journey started.

Following that, we have also seen his mother in the series, who is very well known as Sharifa bi Ladsaab Telgi passed away many years back, and currently based on all our resources, we have no further updates regarding the younger brother of Abdul Azim Telgi who was last seen in the year 2017 during the funeral of his brother. following that we have got the news that Sana Talikoti is alive and continuously working on the defaming case of scam 2003 because it has put the family’s name into public embarrassment, which has made their lives quite difficult.

for all those wondering about, Abdul Karim Telgi’s wife, she passed away just a year back in 2022, after suffering from a series of diseases that continuously weakened her body, and finally, at the age of 62, she could not bear the pain anymore.

Where Is Abdul Karim Telgi’s Family?

now as we all know Abdul Karim Telgi was born in Khanapur, which is in Belgaun, Karnataka. After his brief stay in the Gulf, he returned back to India and then his business and scams started taking place in the south Mumbai areas. that is also the place where he used to reside with his family for quite a long period of time. following that from what we have found out from our sources, Sana Talikoti along with her husband Irfan Talikoti is currently living in the city of Mumbai only and the latest update on them is the court case they have filed against the makers of the scam 2003 because of the fake portrayal of Abdul Karim Telgi based on some sources which have no authentication.

Where Can We Watch Scam 2003?

the show is available for streaming only on the Sony Live platform and nowhere else, as it is an original for that platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Abdul Karim Telgi still alive?

No, Abdul passed away in the year 2017.

2.Does Abdul Karim Telgi have kids?

Yes, he has got two kids, a boy and a girl.

3.What is the name of Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter?

The name of Abdul Karim Telgi’s daughter is Sana Talikoti.

4.Where can we watch Scam 2003?

The show is available for streaming on the Sony Live platform.

5. Is Scam 2003 good?

The show has received a very good response from audience all over the world.

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