Is Oraka Tribe Real As Shown In The Series Kala Paani? Unveiling The Truth!

Kaala Paani, a survival drama series on Netflix, centres on the tribal community of Oraka, located in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Orakas avoided the same by leaving their colonies. They settle farther into the woods when LHF-27 disturbs and threatens lives on the islands. It is eventually discovered that they have been vanishing from humans who would target them. This is because they are immune to the disease. Despite the fact that their disappearance is initially thought to be their means of escaping the epidemic. Here’s what we can tell you about tribal life in the Andaman Islands if the Orakas have piqued your curiosity!

Is Oraka Tribe Real As Shown In The Series Kala Paani?

There is no actual Andaman tribe called Oraka. The lead writer Biswapati Sarkar and his team came up with the fictional concept for the survival drama. Still, the community bears a resemblance to the four actual tribes that live in the Andaman Islands. These four tribes, along with the Orakas, share African ancestors. Reports indicate that these tribes’ ancestors arrived on the islands approximately 65,000 years ago. The Great Andamanese tribe is more closely related to the Orakas than the other three of these actual tribes. The Great Andamanese tribe has a lengthy history of battling serious illnesses, such as influenza, much like the fictional tribe.

Kala Paani: An Overview

A tribute to the unwavering survival story that tribes like the Great Andamanese can tell, “Kaala Paani,” could be observed. Using the analogous story of the Orakas, the show acknowledges their history of surviving human introductions to the Andaman Islands. The series also makes it abundantly evident that the actions of the men who arrive on the islands are ultimately borne by the aboriginal tribes.

The way that Kaala Paani portrays the hypocrisy of the so-called civilised people is excellent. They are those who have always mocked the Oraka way of life and their unwillingness to integrate into society outside of their homeland. Many people came together to support Lt. Governor Admiral Zibran Qadri’s live-and-let-live philosophy because he was an advocate for their rights. The Oraka tribe was portrayed as being opposed to development from the outset of Kaala Paani, and a large number of the local population agreed with this view. The large water pipeline constructed by ATOM was attempted to be sabotaged by the tribe. 

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Reality Behind The Series

The Great Andamanese population declined due in part to the loss of hunting territory, just as the Orakas were impacted by land loss. While it is impossible to ignore these parallels, Sarkar and other authors did not imagine the Orakas to be a fictionalised version of the real Andaman tribes. Instead, their programme looks at how a tribe in the present era is impacted by misfortune. The Orakas are forced to relocate their homes to a secret location out of fear of exploitation and a threat to their survival. This illustrates how the so-called “civilised” can turn into nothing more than predators in times of need.

In the latter nineteenth century, the Great Andamanese people had to defend themselves against British attempts to take over their territory. Through the story of Orakas, Sarkar’s series demonstrates that the same battle is far from ending. As the survival story comes to a close, the Orakas are armed with bows and arrows. They are ready to battle the soldiers who have invaded their land in an attempt to seize them. Even though their struggle is fictional, the show realistically depicts the community’s exposure to outside threats.

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