AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date. When Is The Show Hitting Back? Let’s Know!

Netflix releases not only animes and K-dramas to entertain fans all over the globe. Including series, movies, and animes, Netflix has taken up the hold to entertain the fans as well as spread some social messages all around the world. For this Netflix along with the Jordanian film industry released a miniseries, which not only entertained, but also spread a message to the world.

The series are talking about is AlRawabi. this is an arArabiceb series, that debuted in the year 2021 on Netflix. With its debut in the year 2021, it ruled the hearts of the people for its uniquely amazing plot and the hard work of its cast. Now with the amazing love and support from the first season of the series, people have demanded to release its sequel soon.

In honor of fans’ demands the Netflix ad makers of the series, have released the dates of its sequel. So today we will be seeing what is the release date of AlRawabi’s second season. Not only this but also the plot and cast of the series will be discussed in the next panel of the article. So let’s move ahead and learn what is AlRawabi all about. 

AlRawabi School for Girls Season 2 Release Date

AlRawabi School For Girls made its debut in the world on 12th August 2021 via Netflix. With its release fans loved the plot of the series so much that they demanded its sequel. After all the conditions of Netflix were fulfilled, in the year 2022, the makers of the series announced its comeback, but the dates weren’t declared then.

A few weeks before, Netflix and the series makers announced the dates for the series sequel, which will be around the season 1 release date in the upcoming year 2024. Season 2 for AlRawabi School For Girls is scheduled to be released on 8th August 2024 on Netflix only. Nut still let’s see when we will be seeing this season on our screens. Sooner or later!

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Plot Of AlRawabi School For Girls

As the name suggests, the series must be something about the school-going girls. The series is basically about the bullies and insults the girls have to face in the world when they are exposed to the world in their schools. It begins with either bullying their clothes, baby shapes, or something else. This is a knowledgeable series to be watched by people of all ages, especially the girls going to school. 

The series begins with a girl being bullied in her school, by her seniors. She now plans along with her friends to take revenge on those who bullied her. But their plan instead of working in their favor, works against them only, and they all are being trapped in their own net. This is what the entire 6 episode mini-series looks like. Mariam is the girl who is bullied and is planning with her girly gang to teach lessons to the ones who bullied her. 

AlRawabi School For Girls, other than aiming to entertain people aims to teach and aware the girls and their guardians about the mishaps that can happen to their daughters or sisters. The series completely focuses on girl abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, body shaming, and, most importantly murders for competition and revenge. These all are the must-know topics for kids these days, as they are growing faster in the mind than their age.

Cast Of AlRawabi School For Girls

The cast for the series involves, Mariam by Andria Tyeh, Layan Murad Fathi by Noor Taher, Noaf by Rakeen sa’ad, Dina by Yara Mustafa, Rania by Joanna Arida and Ruqayya by Salsabiela A. These are the female leads of the series. 

The other supporting roles for the series involves, Nadera Emran playing the role of School principal Faten Qadi, Miss Abeer is acted by Reen Saadeh, Hazem by Sari Silawi, Laila by Jana Zeineddi, and Lalith Radwan by Ahmad Hamdan. These all include the entire cast member of the series, whose efforts have been the most important in making the series look good. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series, AlRawabi School for Girls is streaming on Netflix from August 12, 2021, and its sequel will be released here only. 

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