Has Netflix Revealed the Revisions Season 2 Release Date?

Netflix has been banking heavily on the post-apocalyptic genre and the 2019 CG animated series, Revisions, is evidence enough along with the Korean science fantasy Black Knight. Directed by Gorō Taniguchi, the mecha animated series premiered on  Fuji TV’s +Ultra timeslot from January 10 to March 28, 2019, and was later acquired by Netflix. It explores the man VS machine trope full-fledgedly but also wanders into multiple tropes including action, philosophy and time travel. Due to the same, Revisions has been perceived as a bit of a hazy concept by the majority of viewers.

However, the series has succeeded in establishing a loyal fanbase throughout its twelve-episode run. Now, these fanatics are wondering whether Netflix has greenlit the sequel and announced the Revisions Season 2 release date. If you, too, are surrounded by the same dilemma, here are all the answers you need!

Revisions Season 2 Release Date

Revisions Season 2 Release Date

Fuji TV ordered Revisions, an original animated series, to be manifested under Taniguchi’s guidance in early 2018. The streaming service announced its plans during a livestream event conducted in March 2018. Makoto Fukami and Taichi Hashimoto took charge of the screenplay entirely but also welcomed seasoned writers, Kou Kimura and Asaura, to pen different episodes. The team began manifesting the animated series while an anonymous author SFS started conjuring the eponymous manga. The webcomic was released in November 2018 and has been accumulated into two volumes as of June 2019.

While the debut season did not necessarily hit home, it certainly created a buzz. But this is, on the contrary, not enough for the streaming giant. These average reviews are probably Netflix’s primary concern and the reason why Revisions Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed. This is not to say that the creators have dismissed the plausibility of the sequel. Though the signs certainly point towards the same, there are chances that Taniguchi will revive the series. If the director, Taniguchi, persuades the streaming service, the sequel can be released in early 2025 at the earliest.

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The Revisions Series Overview

The Revisions is essentially a twist on the Isekai genre best described as “the chosen one saves the world” anime. It revolves around Daisuke Dojima, who is kidnapped as a child and has been told by a mysterious Milo that he, along with his friends will eventually save the world. Now, as a teenager and a high-school student at Seisho, Dojima has developed a hero complex and is surly to have not received the opportunity to prove his skills yet.

A strange phenomenon, descends over the world, specifically Japan, and the city is plunged into the future unexpectedly. The ordeal, entitled Shibuya Drift, thrusts Daisuke and his friends–Chang Gai Steiner, Chang Lu Steiner, Marin Temari and Keisaku Asano–into the cataclysm-struck universe, occupied by mechanical behemoths, Revisions. Daisuke then comes across Milo, who happens to be an agent of AHRV, fighting the battle against the Revisions. Along with his team members, Dojima joins Milo to fulfil her prophecy and save the human race which is on the brink of extinction.

Revisions Character Guide

Gorō’s Revisions series follows Daisuke Dojima, a 17-year-old teenager with an “extreme hero complex”. He is voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese language and Bryce Papenbrook in English. Dojima, despite harbouring benevolent intentions, struggles to transport Shibuya back to its original timeframe. He is led to a mecha “String Puppet”, which becomes his weapon against the Revisions.

Daisuke’s four friends, Chang Lu Steiner, Marin Temari, Chang Gai Steiner and Keisaku Asano accompany him on his mission but are frustrated with his hero complex except for the latter. Asano is his best friend, who understands the deep yearning beneath his issue and is the only one who is transported along with his mother. The animated thriller possesses a wide cast ensemble, who complement the complex narrative and dystopian setting.

Revisions Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Revisions Series About?

It is a post-apocalyptic anime centred around a high school student, Daisuke Dojima, who is shoved 300 years into the future.

2. Who is the Creator of the Revisions Series?

The anime is directed by Gorō Taniguchi.

3. Is the Revisions Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, the Revisions Season 2 release date isn’t confirmed yet.

4. When will Revisions Season 2 Be Released?

Though the sequel isn’t greenlit yet, it is expected to be released in early 2025.

5. Is there a Trailer Available for the Revisions Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for the Revisions Season 2.

6. Where to Watch the Revisions Series?

You can stream the Revisions on Netflix.

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