What Is The Difference Between One Punch Man Manga And Webcomic? Let’s Find The Truth!

Manga and webcomics have been the most emerging kind of books and animated stories for all the readers to read on the web. They have been the center of attention in the world of readers, books, and novels. But have you ever noticed the difference between web comics and mangas? What do they actually differ in a reason? Are they quite similar? Or something else? Let us just find out. 

Web comics have ruled the hearts of fans of comic stories for years, by their colorful art and amazingly unqie plot. All of the above is this animated manga which is taking the place of webcomics. But the major difference between them is the color in webcomics and manga. Webcomics are all colorful while manga is black and white books and novels. 

To know it more clearly we can go with the ongoing manga. And has the same name webcomic. The series titled “One-Punch Man”‘, is an amazing manga and webcomic that was released back in 2009 as webcomic while it is ongoing as a manga in recent months as well. So let’s not hold back further and know more about the series One-Punch Man and also its amazing differences. 

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One-Punch Man Manga

Manga as said has made its way to the heart of not only Japanese readers but also to everyone who belonged to the groups of readers from all around the globe. they have been loving manga for years. And these manga have been super popular and amazingly loved for a reason, and that is the number of portions and sub-portions of the whole chapters. This means one manga is divided into further volumes and chapters, which makes it easy for the readers to understand and connect with the story.

One-Punch Man gained popularity and grants for releasing its animated version of manga on the year 2012. It is a super hit manga series, showing a man who can very easily kill any person with only one punch and that makes his fights boring for him. In the rings, he has nothing to go for just a punch and he is the winner. This manga came into publication in June 2012, by Yusuke Murata. and it has been noted that till the year 2023, this manga has released 28 volumes in all. 

One-Punch Man Webcomic

As seen in the last panel of the article, One-Punch Man was released as a manga in the year 2012. But before making its way into manga, this amanzing series was published as a webcomic by its author. Who is that? One is the original author of the One-Punch Manga, who released it as a webcomic in the year 2009 before releasing it as manga. Not divided into more further volumes and chapters this webcomic is ongoing till today, with its new unique plot and characters. 

Webcomics have got lovers in different countries but the number doesn’t match equally with the manga lovers. The reason can be its subdivisions into small portions, and that manga can easily illustrate things, while webcomics do not spoon feeds the readers and make it difficult for some readers especially those of young age to understand it accurately is difficult. This makes them go with the flow and choose for the manga. 

Summary Of One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man is an ongoing, manga and webcomic, which debuted in the year 2012 and 2009 respectively. It is set in the fighting world, where a fighter is known for its punch. He can put off any fighter with just one punch. Though he is loved by his people, still gets bored of fighting in the same manner and is not willing to take up any more challenges. the story thus shows, the birth of even more stronger fighters than him with whom he is enthusiastic and excited to fight.

The characters are the special and most important ones in the manga and webcomic to help recreate the entire story in the minds of the readers. The characters involved, Saitama, Genos, Blast, Bang, Tatsumaki, Child Emperor, King, Zombieman, Drive Knight, Watchdog Man, Metal Bat, and many more are the ones who participate in making the manga the best one. 

Where You Can Read It

One-Punch Man manga is available on Shueisha’s Tonari No Young Jump website for its readers. 

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