Dangerous Romance Season 2 Release Date: What Are The Chances?

Bullying is one of the worst things that you can face at school. But falling in love with your school bully? That is indeed a Dangerous Romance. 

This is a Thai romance storyline where the main character starts to get into a complex relationship with a student who bullies him and taunts him. In this article, we will discuss the possibilities of getting a release date of Dangerous Romance Season 2.

Dangerous Romance Season 2 Release Date: Exploring The Possibilities

Unless you are a big fan of Thai movies and series, you might have not seen a lot of them. Dangerous Romance is one of the Thai series’ that has been making headlines since it got released a few weeks ago. Apart from the few noticeable flaws or lack of proper pace, I would refrain from criticising the storyline. The creators have definitely done a good job in creating such an unique plot. Dangerous Romance has attracted a lot of attention and a huge part of the viewers have appreciated the show.

The first season revolves around a strange idea – starting a close relationship with your bully. Normally, anyone would reject such an idea because in the end, there is a high chance that it would not be that great. But the main character develops a romantic relationship with such a negative character. You might think that the creators are romanticising bullying, but in reality they aren’t. They have always made sure to maintain a boundary line. The writers have been successful in maintaining the quality of their storytelling throughout the whole season.

Although View got introduced pretty hurriedly, I don’t think that a slight disruption of the heavy tone of bullying will make any difference to the spirit of the whole story. All characters are well defined and absolutely at the right gaps. Viewers have loved the first season and they are hoping to get another one. So, what is Dangerous Romance season 2 release date? When might we be able to see the show again? Well, if you are a fan of this show, let me tell you. Right now, we have no official news about Dangerous Romance season 2 release date. Even if it happens, we need to give the creators some time to make decisions about the storyline.

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Dangerous Romance: A Tale Of A Fatal Attraction Or Wholesome romance? 

Have you ever fallen in love with your enemy? Dangerous Romance literally shows us such a concept. If you have watched all the episodes of the first season, you already know how the story rolls forward. Even if you are yet to watch this show, since we are far across the first part of the article, I guess you have understood the backgrounds of this romance. Dangerous Romance revolves around the life of Sailom. Sailom is a poor but brilliant high school student who is struggling a lot in almost all parts of his life.

His elder brother has a job but due to the less amount of wages he gets, it’s a bit difficult to keep up. That’s why Sailom started to work on numerous jobs and internships. The money he earns from them will act as good support for helping his family. But Sailom’s luck does not turn out to be good at school. Kanghan bullies others terribly in school and sometimes it becomes too hard for Sailom. After a small misunderstanding, he starts to hate on Kanghan. Little did Sailom know, that deep inside Kanghan lies a helpful and sincere soul.

Since he was a studious person, Sailom had clear understandings of different subject and their topics. Soon, someone offered him a huge sum of money for being a tutor. Since Sailom and his family was already knee deep with their miseries, he accepted the job. But he will have to teach Kanghan, whom he already hates. As time starts to pass, the duo settles their differences and starts to develop a close deep bond.

The Team Of Dangerous Romance And Official Watching Platform 

Wachirawit Ruangwiwat leads the story as Sailom, out protagonist. Other notable cast members include Phromphiriya Thongputtaruk, Chayakorn Jutamas, Tanapon Sukumpamtanas, Phanuroj Chalermkjipornt, Pahun Jiyacharohen, Thanik Kamontharanon, Benyapa Jeenprasom, Wanwimol Jensawamethee and Thanaset Suriyapornchaik.

The first season of Dangerous Romance came out on 18 August 2023 in Thailand. Right now, there is no official update about the development of another season. Just in case there are news about Dangerous Romance season 2 release date, we will keep you updated. Till then, if you want to watch Dangerous Romance, please tune in to HiTv Channel.

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