Has Disney Unveiled Behind the Attraction Season 3 Release Date?

Behind the Attraction, true to its name is a documentary manifested by Disney+ to divulge the process behind its strategic and creative planning. It was created by Swayne Johnson’s production house, Seven Bucks Productions and boasts 16 episodes to its name. Johnson has co-produced the series along with the director, Brian Volk-Weiss and his corporation, The Nacelle Company. The duo have managed to portray a string of Disney attractions and destinations from Liberty Street in Disneyland to Cinderella Castle artistically. Ever since it debuted on July 16, 2021, the docuseries has been at the centre of attention for Walt Disney, Johnson and Volk-Veiss.

Now that the sequel has recently premiered, fanatics are enamoured but not yet satiated. Due to the same, questions regarding Behind the Attraction Season 3 are flourishing over the Internet. If you, too, are caught in the web, dive in!

Behind the Attraction Season 3 Release Date

While the creators haven’t yet unveiled their plans officially, they have certainly dropped hints regarding a third iteration. More specifically, Dwayne’s close friend and an executive producer of the franchise, Hiram Garcia has expressed his plans and hopes for the series in an interview. He claimed that he and the team have ambitions to do more and that he loved the “partnership with Brian Volk-Weiss, and we love that Disney really loved that partnership with us in terms of telling the stories, and I think the fans really appreciated it. I think there’s such adoration and just nostalgia attached to all those iconic Disney rides, and there’s so many great stories behind them all that it’s a space we’d love to continue to play in, and I know Disney really was happy with the reception it received.”

He concluded his statement by mentioning that they “100% have plans to do more storytelling in that space.” However, Garcia didn’t confirm a release date or even a timeframe for a plausible third iteration. With Garcia and Disney onboard for another ride, Behind the Attraction Season 3 can be expected to be released in the spring of 2024. Though some speculations cite that this new chapter is already under production, the executives have yet to confirm them. Until they do, the expected timeframe for the upcoming iteration remains the second quarter of 2024.

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What is the Behind the Attraction Series About?

Described as a quintessential Disney+ project, Behind the Attraction is a creative docuseries. It is curated to pull back the curtains on the Walt Disney Imagineering. It is the development arm of Walt Disney and is responsible for “the creation, design, and construction of Disney theme parks and attractions worldwide.” The series chronicles the history behind the infamous landmarks created by Disney from its infamous Disneyland to simulator rides like Star Tours: The Adventure Continues and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

The Disney+ executive, Dan Silver, refers to Behind the Attraction as a “special series”. He believes it is conjured by the “best-in-class storytellers collaborating across multiple Disney units to mine and pull back the curtain on our rich Disney history.” He continues his statement by referring to Dwayne and Dany Garcia as people who “have not only established themselves as some of the most accomplished and prolific producers across multiple genres, but have been long time valued members of The Walt Disney family.” 

These family members have conjured a compelling tale behind Disney’s mileposts. It also portrays how the corporation derived inspiration from these places to amass a wide fanbase. The seris also based multiple animations on these destinations, unlike the previous series, The Imagineering Story and The Toys That Made Us which chronicles the same message. It is because of this ingenuity that the Behind the Attraction Season 3 release date remains highly anticipated.

Behind the Attraction Season 3 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Behind the Attraction Series About?

It is a docuseries centred around the Walt Disney attractions, its theme parks and the history behind these landmarks

2. Who is the Creator of Behind the Attraction Series?

The sixteen-episode series is directed by Brian Volk-Weiss and produced by Dwayne Johnson.

3. Is the Behind the Attraction Season 3 Release Date Confirmed?

No, it is not confirmed yet.

4. When Will Behind the Attraction Season 3 Release?

Behind the Attraction Season 3 is expected to be released in the spring of 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available for Behind the Attraction Season 3?

No, there is no trailer available for Behind the Attraction Season 3.

6. Where to Watch the Behind the Attraction Series?

You can watch this docuseries on Disney+.

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