Idris Alba Shares Apple’s Plan Regarding the Hijack Season 2 Release Date!

Delivering suspense 35,000 feet above in the air, the Idris Alba starrer Hijack is a surprise hit, breaking all the stereotypes. Initially, Apple TV invested in the series with its fingers crossed but it never would have anticipated that the thriller would hijack millions of hearts. After Alba’s Beast hit the summer of 2022, portraying him as a carnal beast, expectations from him have been skyrocketing. Needless to say, he delivered seven hours of non-stop thrill, drama and suspense. The series was expected to chronicle an assassin’s journey of salvaging the commoners from gun-toting hijackers. However, it turned speculations on its heels and illustrated what could only be described as a mind-boggling display of wit, dedication and serenity.

Naturally, the Apple TV series has conquered a wide fanbase and now stands as a trailblazer in the thrill genre. Its tremendous success has paved the way for questions regarding the Hijack Season 2 release date. If you, too, are wondering the same, let’s get the ball rolling! 

Hijack Season 2 Release Date

Ever since the Apple TV thriller debuted in August 2023, it has been making headlines. Despite the buzz surrounding it, the Hijack Season 2 release date has not been confirmed yet by Apple. Alba, who is also an executive producer of the series expressed hope for the sequel. But he also denied the plausibility of it simultaneously. “I love Apple and we love each other and I think we’re gonna work together again. But we’re just not currently in a set-up as official,” he clarified. 

While Edris has made his views clear, the streaming host is yet to announce its final decision. Neither the directors, Jim Field Smith and Mo Ali, nor the screenplay writer, George Kay, have officially denied the possibility of Season 2 either. If Apple confirms the Hijack Season 2, it could premiere in late 2024 at the earliest. The sequel would follow a similar weekly release pattern and most probably consist of seven parts. These are mere speculations though; an official confirmation is yet to be proclaimed.

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Hijack Series Overview

Alba, who portrays the heart of the series, Sam Nelson, describes Hijack as an “action setting”. When asked about his fascination for the role, he mentioned that he was “keen to play a character that was not necessarily an action hero but was in an action setting… wanted him to be vulnerable and a bit like, you know, an unusual hero…”  True to his word, Idris and George conjured an effective thriller that is centred around an aeroplane hijack and an unsung hero who is not a mercenary. Alba’s character, Nelson, is a mere business negotiator with exceptional manipulation tactics.

He is on his way from Dubai to London, carrying a gift bag for his estranged wife Marsha (Christine Adams) and son, Kai (Jude Cudjoe) when he finds himself hijacked. The government officials try to negotiate with the terrorists, passengers plead for mercy and Sam begins his gameplan. He decides to play negotiator, making the deranged skyjackers believe he is on their side. However, beneath his convincing facade lies a conniving plan they aren’t able to gauge.

Hijack Season 2 Plot

The debut season was nothing short of a psychological rollercoaster in which Nelson took center stage. The man proved himself to be an enigma and a terrible negotiator by trapping the hijackers in their own web. For Hijack Season 2, the updates are yet kept under tabs. However, Alba has expressed his opinion regarding the storyline of another flabbergasting season. “What would be the acceptable scenario that he comes back? Because we’ve thought about this and obviously Apple have gone, ‘Well, we really love the show,’”  Idris’ followed the ominous pause with an ambivalent response.

“It’s kind of like…he’s not a cop. What would be the acceptable Sam Nelson return? And if I’m honest, I’m not sure. I’d like that, but I just don’t want to put him on another hijack.” It seems like Hijack Season 2 wouldn’t be another commandeer but equally enthralling because Alba is in for another ride.

Hijack Season 2 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Hijack Series About?

Hijack is a psychological thriller wrapped in high-octane action sequences. It chronicles a business negotiator, Sam Nelson’s journey of weaving through a hijack with his exceptional negotiation skills.

2. Who is the Creator of the Hijack Series?

The series is directed by Jim Field Smith and Mo Ali with George Kay managing the screenplay.

3. Is the Hijack Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

No, Hijack Season 2 release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

4. When Will Hijack Season 2 Release?

Though it isn’t confirmed yet, Hijack Season 2 is expected to be released in late 2024.

5. Is a Trailer Available For the Hijack Season 2?

No, there is no trailer available for the Hijack Season 2.

6. Where to Watch the Hijack Series?

You can stream the Hijack Series on Apple TV.

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