Doona Season 2 Release Date. When Is It Coming Back On Your Screens? Let Us Know!

K-dramas have been the center of attention for viewers of different ages and different parts of the globe these days. They have been watching K-drama series for a year. Now after the love and extreme support of viewers for K-drama series, it’s now the time for TV series, to be all loaded with viewers’ love and support. Today’s article is now all about the new release TV series from South Korea.

The new release of the South Korean TV industry is Doona. what is the series related to? Who are the actors and actresses involved in the series? All of this will be answered here soon . Doona in brief is a romantic TV series, that is going to rule the hearts of Famns of K-drama not only from South Kora but also from different parts of the world.

In the next panel of the article, you must be reading about the release date of its new season, which is the most asked question on the web these days. Along with the release date as mentioned above, you must also get to read about its story, cast, and many other things. So let us move ahead and know more about the series before your excitement for the series fades away.

Doona Season 2 Release Date

Netflix’s new release Doona hit the screens of the fans recently on October 20, 2023. Along with the release of the first season very recently, the fans have been demanding that the next season be released soon, and thus demand for the Doona season 2 release date. But as of now, this is too early to either release or even predict the release date of season 2.

However, we know Netflix has some of its rules and conditions to release the sequel to its show. And once Doona crosses the conditions marked by Netflix for its reviews and reactions of the audience, it will for sure renew the series. But till that time fans need to wait for its arrival. 

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Plot Of Doona Season 1

Doona is a new romantic release in the South Korean TV industry. The series made its appearance worldwide on Netflix last month, With the release of its first episode, fans loved the plot so much, that they demanded to get its sequel soon with the release of the first season only. But what makes it so beautiful and loved by the fans? Is it its plot or the acting of its cast members? Let’s see!

The thing that makes Doonaa unique and the most loved TV series is its newly written pot. All the time we have seen and read the love story of a couple beginning from a strange meeting at college or office or some restaurant. This time it’s different. Here the couple falling in each other’s love come from totally different backgrounds, of both profession and their personal life. 

Doona begins showing the lives of two different people. Doo-na is a retired K-pop singer who was doing well with her band, but her sudden announcement of her retirement from her career shocked all her friends and fans. On the other side is Won-jun who is a very ordinary student of college. They both are going to share rooms. Both have different lifestyles. But the love is going to connect their lives and their fates and make them one.  

Cast Of Doona Season 1

Season 1 of Doona is full of amazing and well-known actors from the South Korean TV industry. The lead roles include Bae Suzy playing the role of Lee Doo-na a K-pop singer who has shocked her fans and her teammates by her sudden retirement. Yang Se-jong playing the role of Lee Won-jun the male lead of Doona, is a college student not so interested and is going to share his room with Doo-na. 

The other cast members of Doona in recurring roles involve, Kim Jin-joo by Shin Ha-young, Geo Jeong-hoon by Kim Do-wan, Seo Yun-take by Kim Min-ho, Choi I-ra by Park Se-wan, Eun-joo by Baek Ji-hye and Doo-na’s mother played by Kim Sun-young. Lee Jin-wook, Simeez, Kim Hyun-mok, and Go Ah-sung have given their special performances in the series as well.

Where Is The Show Streaming

Doona season 1 is streaming on Netflix

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