Lies Become You Chapter 74: Recap, Release Date

Have you ever had the idea of falling for someone who is your enemy? This might sound weird because it is harmful in the long run. Lies Become You brings such kind of a storyline.

The story revolves around a girl who falls in love with someone who is her enemy. He happens to be a prince too, and as the story rolls forward, the bond grows surprisingly. This Manhwa has managed to amass a lot of readers out there. They are excited and they want to know about the release date of Lies Become You Chapter 74.

Lies Become You Chapter 74: Release Date Coming Soon?

If you are an otaku, you might have noticed the biggest problem with manhwas or mangas in recent times. Most of them belong either to the reincarnation or to the regression category. Their stories are not copies of one another, but they all feature the same theme. Lies Become You stands out bright among the horde with its unique plot. The female lead of this story falls for the supposedly wrong man for her. Although it seems like a big mistake, if you have read the chapters, you know how beautifully the story takes its turn.

The creators have always listened to the fans and how they have responded to their manhwa. They have not disappointed the Otaku community and fans in any way. Lies Become You has published 73 chapters till now. All of them are great in terms of art panels or romantic sequences. Lies Become You has a solid storyline and both their male and female leads are well-defined characters. They have good character arcs despite their positions in the beginning phase of the manhwa. As a result, the fandom has grown a lot around this.

Most of the fans are either praising the past chapters, or they are busy expecting new ones. Some of them were asking about any upcoming chapter from the creators. So, what is Lies Become You Chapter 74 release date? Will it be coming out very soon? Yes, a chapter is around the corner. Lies Become You Chapter 74 release date is 5th November 2023 in Japan, Korea and Australia. However, the aforementioned schedule will change in some places of the world. In India, Europe, New York, Singapore and Philippines, Lies Become You Chapter 74 release date is 4th November 2023. It will be available to read on Saturday.

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Lies Become You: A Strange Tale Of Love And Hate

The manhwa mainly revolves around the female lead Veronica. She is a femme fatale and on the other hand, we have an alluring prince. Although the main theme of Lies Become You is love, hatred, and revenge, each chapter is capable of taking sudden turns and twists. Veronica has death hovering over her head. Despite the high chances of impending doom, the protagonist does something that is not destined at all.

When you are obsessed with someone, you are bound to make mistakes. That’s what Veronica did – she started to obsess over Prince Halid too much. Veronica’s feelings fail to understand the basic boundaries. Soon, her obsessions lead to her getting a death sentence. But Veronica does not give up easily. She decides to find a boat and set sail in order to escape from the situation she is in. Everything was going as planned but destiny interrupted once again. Veronica somehow ends up being face-to-face with the Prince she is in love with.

In Chapter 73, we have seen how scary an attack can be. A girl is left scarred and shocked at what happened to her. Tiger is trying to discover what actually happened to her. This might be some form of parasitic magic that caused trauma. If the root behind this damage is indeed Parasitic Magic, then it will be hard to trace. Halid or Tiger would not be able to find who did this to her. But as we move forward, Halid discovers that the mana is the same. It has not changed anywhere ranging from that place to his palace. The girl will probably recover since she has belief in hope.

What We Can See In Chapter 74 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa 

The next chapter will probably give us some more light on this situation we have at hand. Halid might be the one to enlighten us all. In Chapter 74, we might see how Halid deals with his past. The dark memories of his childhood disturbed him in the last chapter. However, we cannot tell anything for sure unless Lies Become You Chapter 74 release date is actually here. If you want to read the manhwa, please take a look at Manta Comics Page.

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