Lost Bullet 3 Release Date: Is It Returning Soon

It feels real bad when you get punished for something you have not done. What if, you had to move mountains to prove that you are innocent? Lost Bullet plays upon such an idea. In this article, we will talk about the release date of Lost Bullet 3.

The plot revolves mainly around a car mechanic who happens to be the main character of the movie. He is somehow getting in the line for a crime he has not even committed. This wild goose chase along with packed action sequences has attracted a lot of fans from the action movie genre. They are curious about this and they want to know about Lost Bullet 3 release date.

Lost Bullet 3 Release Date: Looking At The Possibilities

The biggest problem of action movies are their sequels. Yes, I know this is a pretty strong statement straight out of the blue. But if you look at trilogy of action movie, you will understand what I am trying to say. If you are a director and you want your action film to shine for a couple of sequels. You must be careful of how the plot is changing as well as the characters. Unless the story is solid, the makers will have a really hard time to expand it for three movies.

If you have already watched the first two parts of this trilogy, you would not need to be told about it. But if you are still waiting to watch the movie, you can start watching the film. Lost Bullet is mainly about a man who somehow found himself entangled in a murder mystery. Although he is innocent, he has only one shot to prove himself. Otherwise, he will be proven guilty forever. The audience loves to watch films that will amaze them with the outcomes. Or more specifically, those that keep us glued to the seats.

Lost Bullet belongs to those categories and it has received much love. People are still talking about the movie and they want a third installment. So, what is Lost Bullet 3 release date? When will it return for the third run? If you are a fan, we have good news for you. Alban Lenoir will soon return as Lino. But there is no official news about Lost Bullet 3 release date. As long as I can remember, a third run is most probably on the works. The directors and producers will take some time if they release a third part. It will not be before late 2024.

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Lost Bullet: How Far Can You Go To Prove Yourself?

Our movie revolves around the life of Lino, who happens to be a car mechanic. But before he resided and started his journey as a mechanic, he had a dark past. The weight of his past crimes could not be ignored but he kept hustling forward in life. Lino was arrested before and he changed a lot during his time in jail. Just because he became an ex-convict, Lino had a real hard time to get back to work. Still, with his tactical experience, Lino manages to get a job of a car mechanic. He gets to build mainly ram cars for the local cops.

Everything was going good and smooth for Lino. As days passed and he got more work, Lino started to become a genius car mechanic. His mentor was a really good man and under his guidance, Lino shined. But one day, some of the dirty policemen killed his mentor. Lino could not believe what happened because it all took place suddenly. The circumstancial evidence was so twisted that every finger was pointed towards him. Unless he proves himself to be an innocent one, Lino has no chances to get out of this mess.

That point marked an important edition in Lino’s life as well as in Lost Bullet. As the title suggests, all he has as evidence is a bullet that is lost. It’s actually lodged somewhere in a car and Lino must find out where it is. That car is a living evidence that he is not the killer of his mentor. Things start to go south pretty fast – the French Police start to chase Lino down. Dangerous action sequences start to fuel up this French action movie. The second run of Lost Bullet starts right after the bloody hell of the first part.

The Team Behind The Two Movies And Official Watching Platform 

Alban Lenoir has taken up the role of the genius mechanic Lino. Other notable cast members for the two parts of Lost Bullet are Ramzy Bedia, Rod Paradot, Nicholas Duvauchelle, Stephen Scardicchio, Sebastien Lelanne, Stefi Celma, Arthur Aspaturian, Alexandre Phillip, Pascale Arbillot, Anne Serra, Thibaut Evrard, Lino Lenoir, and Patrick Medioni.

This french action thriller has secured the top positions on it’s platforms after their release. If you want to watch Lost Bullet, please take your time and go to Netflix.

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