15 Best Emotional Anime On Netflix: Have You Watched Them All?

To this date, a lot of people think that anime is all about action sequences or fighting genre. As if the basic existence of anime depends entirely on action scenes. But there are a lot of other elements that can make an anime. Today, let us explore 15 best emotional anime on Netflix.

The best thing about these are how they express emotions, happy and sad moments as if the incidents are all a part of the real world. Some of them are so heart touching that you will feel like crying once you are done watching them. Since these animes hold an important place, we present you with a list of 15 best emotional anime on Netflix.

15 Best Emotional Anime On Netflix: Curated Only For You

We have made this list only for you. Even if you are absolutely new or you are an otaku, I hope this will serve as a guide. All these emotional anime are a treat for those who watch them. On the other hand, some of these plots will keep you sad for a long time. But unless you watch them all, you will not know how beautiful each one of them are. So without keeping you waiting further, let us start with our article.

1. Bubble 

When I got this recommendation from someone close, I was not so sure to check this anime out. But once I watched it, Bubble now stays in my heart forever. The story is about a post apocalyptic world in Tokiyo. Somehow, bubbles are descending on the surface of Earth as if gravity is not there anymore. This is a strange event and despite of how innocent the bubbles look, there is something strange going on behind this phenomenon. Meanwhile, teams of parkour athletes start to rise – Hibuki is one of the most prominent ones of them who was running behind the secret. When he almost fell to death, he was saved by Uta. Soon, he fell in love with this strange girl.

2. Naruto

If you have not watched Naruto ever in your life, not even for once, you are missing out a lot. The story revolves around Naruto Uzumaki from a secret village. He is actually a protector and the Hokage has embedded the Nine Tailed Fox in him. But Naruto is young, and despite the powers inside him, he gets bullied by a lot of people as he grows up. He is a protagonist who never gives up. Naruto fails in a lot of his missions but he does not give up on his dreams of becoming worthy enough to become the next hokage. Naruto wants to protect his Leafy village from any sort of threat that might come.

3. Flavours Of Youth 

If you are a chinese otaku, then this anime movie is perfect for you. Flavours Of Youth features three different parts and three different stories. It gives us three different love stories where we get beautiful tales of love between two individuals. These love stories not only present us with the idea of loving each other dearly. The ideas of old school commitment and love have been explored in a beautiful manner. The nostalgia of being in a golden relationship and the flavours of love in this movie is what makes it special for the viewers.

4. Kimetsu No Yaiba 

You might know this anime by the popular name of Demon Slayer. Every character in this including demons have painful backstories. The plot revolves around the tragic life of Tanjirou who lost his whole family in the hands of a demon. He lost his parents and his sister has transformed into a demonic being. The only mission in Tanjirou Kamado’s life is now being the best demon slayer. For this reason, in the anime, he becomes a part of the Demon Slayer Corp. Until he finds a way to turn his sister back to her human form, Tanjirou will not stop holding his sword. 

5. Violet Evergarden

The plot of this anime is a big example of what war does to the world and to people. Violet Evergarden revolves around our female lead, Violet. She is a trained fighter who recieved training for destroying enemies. But the Great War did not only reshape her life, it changed her view for life forever. She meets someone who she knew but that person was spending the last few moments of their life. Violet was so moved after that person died that she left her path of violence. Soon, she found “auto memory doll”. With that, Violet could write people’s thoughts down.

6. A.I.C.O. Incarnation 

If you are looking for an anime that is a blend of romance and science fiction. A.I.C.O. Incarnation tells a story of Aiko Tachibana. She lost her whole family in a mysterious event called ‘Burst’. Her family members are dead and the apocalypse has left her motionless in a wheel chair. Years later, Aiko Tachibana meets Yuuya. She is a transfer student but after she learns that Tachibana is still sad from the deaths, she spills some good beans. The Burst was not just another accident and it was a bit planned. Together, the duo starts an expedition to discover truth.

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7. Toradora

Romantic stories that feature anyone who cannot express their feelings is worth watching. Toradora tells us the story of Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka. While Takasu is a kimd hearted man who gets confused due to his stern face, Aisaka is a tsundere girl who is extremely shy. She even carries a wooden katana with her just to scare people sway. However, situation and turn of events bring these two close together. The unusual alliance gradually transforms into a beautiful form of romance.

8. Lost Song

If you used to watch Pokémon, you must remember Jigglypuff. That cute pokemon had the power to relax anyone with it’s sweet voice and song. Lost Song anime shows us the lives of Finish and Rin. The two girls have the power to sing very sweetly. Their songs have the power to control how nature acts. Finish and Rin can heal poeple of their wounds and injuries. But one day, destiny brings their favourite ones into turmoil. The two girls must use their magical powers to heal reality through their songs.

9. A Whisker Away 

If you could ever shape shift, would you like to be a cat? Nakitai Watashi Wa Neko Wo Kaburu, or more popularly called A Whisker Away tells us the story of Miyo Sasaki. She is a high schooler and is in deep problems. She has to deal with them almost on a daily basis. That’s why Miyo starts to handle them in an unusual way. Miyo has a huge crush on a boy called Kento Hinode. But Kento only knows about her feelings for him when Miyo tells him as a cat. She still need some time to reveal her true human form to him. Miyo must overcome her fears to initiate the teenage romance.

10. Japan Sinks

You must have remembered the movie Parasite, right? Where a family is trapped due to heavy rainfall? Japan Sinks presents us a similar dark and sad tone throughout the plot. Mutous were leading a life of tranquility and bliss but one natural calamity changed everything. The lands of Japan gets shattered by a massive earthquake. The Mutou Family gets in a huge distress out of nowhere. The destruction causes society to fail and people lose their lives. Everyone is fighting just to survive this phase.

11. Blue Period

Sometimes we do fail to see our real need in life. We struggle to find our true purpose and whatever we do seems like out of place. In Blue Period, Yatora Yaguchi feels the same. He studies in a high school and has good grades. But somehow, Yaguchi does not feel comfortable around his schoolmates that much. Although he never shows his feelings, deep down, he is searching for himself. Gradually, Yaguchi starts to draw on the canvas. A magnificent view of Shibuya sparks a hidden fire within him. This beautiful emotional journey is definitely worth a watch.

12. Vampire In The Garden 

For centuries, humans and vampires have been at loggerheads. They can be considered as sworn enemies even in any mythology. However, Vampire In The Garden presents a new look at this scenario. Fiine is a Queen of Vampires and one day, she comes close to Momo who is a survivor. They start to develop a bond that is quite unusual due to the situation outside. Somehow, vampires and humans have proved that they cannot stay together anymore. However, Momo and Fiine work together to change and heal the world.

13. Kotaru Lives Alone

Whenever we live alone, the first thing we start to face is waves of loneliness. Kotaru Lives Alone talks about a four year old boy. Kotaru is living alone in his apartment for some reason or the other. But slowly, people start to go and meet Kotaru. Although he does not like to interact much, other members of the residential area start to care for Kotaru. We see some funny moments and also some moments that define Kotaru. The young boy has been through a lot and he is carrying grief behind those innocent eyes.

14. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop

Haiku is one of the most interesting form of poetry out there. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop features a teenager who is very much into haiku. Yui Cherry Sakura is an introvert and he cannot express her emotions. That is why he uses haiku as a platform. Soon, Sakura meets Yuki, who is an extroverted influencer. Yuki Smile Hoshino likes to live freely and laugh with other. Although these two are completely opposites, soon, they start to develop a close bond. Sakura and Yuki develops a romantic relationship that makes the anime much more enjoyable.

15. Vinland Saga

People who deal with traumas might often think of a place that will be less chaotic. It will be far from reality and will give peace. Vinland Saga has a similar idea – Thorfinn is a revengeful and troubled soul. According to him, after what he has faced in life, revenge is the only option to resolve anything. His entire childhood has seen how bloody the war between Danes and English can get. His own father was killed by Askeladd and Thorfinn is searching for him. However, he gets his redemption in the most peaceful way. Thorfinn chooses the path that is without any bloodshed.

Although there are a lot of emotional animes out there. ‘Your Name’, ‘ Weathering With You’, ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ are some of the most loved titles by the otakus. We have tried to include only those which are present in Netflix. Please go ahead and enjoy the 15 best emotional anime on Netflix curated by us.

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