Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Release Date, Recap, spoilers & Everything Covered So Far!

A beautiful female, sitting in a temple telling you the future, is something that seems to be crazy, isn’t it? Because it’s generally the men who are priests and they say your future. But here is the girl, who says about your future as she touches one of your body parts. Still, she is bound by a condition, that she can say only those things to the visitors, that she is allowed by the priests to say.

Yes, you heard it right, this ability to see the future as much as it seems to be a boon for the people from outside, it is disadvantageous for our female lead in the same manner. How? Wanna know? Come we’ll tell you. But before disclosing to you the story that has been running since the previous chapters, we will also disclose to you one more frequently asked question all around the web.

When is the new chapter coming? Yes, you read that right. We will be disclosing to you the release date of Kissing with God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 in this article. Not only this but, the article will follow the spoilers to new chapters as well as the previous chapters’ storyline. So let’s move ahead and also the most important information, where to read it is waiting for you, but for this, you must read the article further. 

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 Release Date

With the last chapter released last Sunday, with the opening of the month of October, the next season of the manga awaits the readers. The readers are again excited to read the new chapter of this unique tale because they want to know what is coming next in the series.

So Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered Chapter 18 is scheduled to be released on October 8, 2023, the second Monday of October. As it follows its schedule of releasing new chapters every Sunday, similarly it will follow its supremacy to provide you with excellent reading stuff even this time.  

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Previously In The Series

The series, Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered, opens up with the female lead, Noemi Bellon as the girl who can read the future of her country’s people just by touching their body parts. Yes, that is true, and to follow this ritual and know their future in large numbers used to visit the temple, know their future and leave some offerings. Even on the day of God’s birth people came to try their luck.

Only the lucky people might get to know their future by Neomi and visit the tem[le. the ability of prophecy feels a boon to us, but for Noemi, it was not a boon, she knew to read the future of people, but she could say what the priest wanted her to say Above this she can not go or talk to any stranger without the permission of the priests. This was her life lately, and her future she knew was at the end to die. 

Spoiler Of Chapter 18

Noemi’s life was going well when suddenly a priest entered the temple. He at first didn’t believe in god or prophecy but was bound to believe it. so he has come to prove it is right or wrong. Also, with this priest Theo Piedgar, Noemi’s future is connected. How? Let’s see. Noemi kissed Theo to know his future, and what she saw was totally devastating. And she ran toward her head, Sir Theo. 

Noemi told him she saw some water in the cave. The cave soon turns into an oasis, and a man tries to sacrifice his life to save the countrymen. Not only this but also she sees herself in Theo’s future. She was quite nervous to see everything. But when some of this was told to Theo he was startled and said he could happily sacrifice his life.

So now the question is, Will Theo and Noemi get married in the future? Is Theo the father of Noemi’s kids? What will be their future ahead? So many of the questions are ruling the reader’s minds, we know. All of this will be answered in the upcoming chapters of the manga, surely. 

Where Is The Series Available

Kissing With God’s Eyes Covered is available on Ridi Books in its raw form. 

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