Trophy Husband Chapter 41 Release Date, Spoiler, Storyline, & Many More!

Trophy Husband is a unique kind of manga where the female lead is seen fighting with the villains in the series throughout its previous chapters. Before the end of chapter 40, she had the heart in her. This means she could feel and think. She was able to feel what is humanity and connect to the people around her. But she lost all these feelings because she lost her heart. How? and Where?

Well, the question at the end of the paragraph is the most asked and most wanted question of the series by everyone reading this manga. Above it the fans are way more interested in knowing when the story moves ahead, that is when will its new chapter come to their screens. So today we will be telling you some cool quick facts about this amazing manga, Trophy Husband.

So let us set into this unique journey of the unique series, which hows the answer to the demanded question. along with a spoiler to its new upcoming chapter. not only this but also the article in its next panel will tell you about the plot of the previous chapters of the series, and what has happened with our male and female leads so far. So why prolong it further, let us just quickly move toward the next panel of our article.

Trophy Husband Chapter 41 Release Date

After the release of chapter 40, and with its end the cliffhanger that was left for the readers at its end, were the main reasons for the readers’ excitement to get back new chapter soon. Yes, the chapter is coming to you soon, but when?

Chapter 41 of the unique plot series, Trophy Husband is returning to your screens with its fresh new chapter on Saturday, 7th October 2023 on their official page, Ridi books, and trust this chapter is going to make you experience something more exciting and thrilling than its previous chapter. So your excitement for the new chapters is not wasted instead worth it. 

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Previously In Trophy Husband

The anime series begins with our female lead, Serena getting ready and training herself to fight the vilaain queen of her area. this villainess is the real queen of fighters and villains and also she is real. Real means she is neither incarnated nor taken from some other world, but she is real. She was born into a vilaain family, grew up old to be a villainess and now is the queen to them.

But our female lead, Serena is a quite good-looking girl, who has still not figured out how will she face the villains. She is always suffering from a pain of regret. Yes, she always regrets to have chosen to come to this world. moreover, the main reason for her regret is she lost her heart, due to which she has lost her feelings, love feelings, and of course humanity. This is why she has become so cruel to kill anyone.

On her journey to find her heart, she came through many obstacles but she didn’t stop, because she was fearless of killing and dying. The heart gives you the feeling of humility to think before killing someone and also a fear of dying, but when Serena loses her heart, she thinks her ultimate aim in life now is just to live till she can and fight till she is alive. 

Spoiler Of Chapter 41

In the last chapter number 40 of the Trophy Husband anime series, we see Serena set out on the journey to find her heart, but on her way, she is getting to know many things about herself. Now, in the very last chapter we see, the male lead being afraid of their lie to be caught up, but wait our savior Serena is here she assures him to be chill and not to worry as she is there and she will manage everything.

After one problem is solved for the male led by Serena he finds that her hand is full of blood stains. Now this is another twist, he feels Serena has become so cruel that she can kill anyone for her use now. But this wasn’t true. The blood was of the soldier who helped her not get attacked in the last test. Serena is seen broken at the end of this chapter and losing interest in everything she is doing.

Where You Can Read It

Trophy Husband is available on Ridi Books for readers. 

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