Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21: Spoilers, Recap & Release Date

Reincarnation might feel like a gift because if someone grants you another chance to live your life all over again, who would not take it? But if you get to live as your enemy, reincarnation feels like a curse. Reborn As The Enemy Prince tells us such an unforgettable tale.

The story starts with the life of a prince who does everything to save his kingdom. But soon, he faces death and his enemy empire gains victory. Soon, he gets reborn but this time, as his rival in his enemy camp. This manga has gained quite a good amount of attention through all these days. Now, the readers have grown curious. They want to know about the release date and spoilers of Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21.

Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21: Is The Release Date Close Enough?

Nowadays almost every platform has a couple of manga or manhwas that tell us a mind-boggling story of reincarnation or regression. Reincarnation is of course taking birth again with knowledge of your previous life, whereas regression is suddenly starting to live as someone else. Reborn As The Enemy Prince is one of the mangas that belong to the reincarnation category. The manga talks about a prince and his sad story of rebirth – his new life might have granted him another chance at living but this time, he will live as his enemy.

The one thing which makes his life a living hell is the painful memories of his past life. The kingdom that killed him and his family is the place he is now a part of. We will let you know more about this story and possible spoilers in the upcoming chapter. Fans have loved this new manga and as a result, a lot of the forums have started to predict. All of them want to know about any official news regarding Chapter 21. So, what is Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21 release date and what will be the probable spoilers of this new upcoming chapter?

Before going any further with the plot, let me tell you the answers right away. Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21 release date is 7th October 2023, Saturday. This is for people from Korea, Japan, and Australia. However, if you are reading this article from any other places, such as London, India, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States of America, Canada, the Eastern or the Central Europe, let me inform you. In those areas, Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21 release date is 6th October, 2023. You will get full access to the latest upcoming chapter on Friday.

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Reborn As The Enemy Prince: A Surprising Tale Of Reincarnation

By now, you have already read the beginning of our article. So, instead of telling you the premises of this manga once again, let me come straight to the story. Bern is our main character – in their past life, Bern was the Crown Prince of Secretia. Apart from being a prince, the people of the kingdom of Secretia worshipped his sincerity and kindness. Bern was a brave man, and he did not entertain any type of enemies. One day, the kingdom of Secretia faced imminent danger.

Kyris and Secretia were two head-on rivals. The prince of Kyris, Calian declared a battle against the kingdom of Secretia. Instead of just sitting in the royal abode, Prince Bern came to the battlegrounds and led his kingdom to war. Now, this was not the first time Kyris tried to damage his kingdom, so Bern already had a huge pressure on his back. Unfortunately, he failed to hold the enemy lines and died. But surprisingly after his death, he got reincarnated – in this newly achieved life, Bern has become Prince Calian of Kyris.

In Chapter 20, we experience the Cysphanian confusion. I mean, if you have read the manga, you might have noticed these weird signs where the word was used relentlessly. Actually, these Cysphanians were living in the kingdom of Kyris. Prince Calian has gone inside a building. This illegal place was Cysphanian’s Deep Scent of Alcohol. The White Eagle informed Calian of this place and he has come to investigate. He sensed that somewhere underground, this building had a secret chamber. A place where they hold fights inside a secret ring – and ultimately, he spots a live fight.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 21 And Official Reading Platform Of This Manga

The last chapter showed us a dangerous place. Prince Calian reached that building on his own and he must leave it before someone identifies him. In Chapter 21, things might take a dirty turn. As per our predictions, the upcoming chapter might unlock the dirty side of Calian. This illegal business might be disgusting because making people destroy each other is not a good thing to experience. But this business brings in good money.

Calian might save everyone who is involved in it. He might even be the savior instead of getting his hands dirty. We never know – he might end up with the girl in red robes. But for now, let’s not speculate any further. It will be better if we all wait till Reborn As The Enemy Prince Chapter 21 is finally here. If you want to read the manga on Ridibooks, please click here.

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