Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1436 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler & Everything You Must Know Is Here!

The series, Hajime no ippo is about a boxer who has been a champion in earlier years, but due to some reasons and injuries, he had to leave his boxing career in midways to get healed up completely. the readers were quite sad when they saw that their favorite boxer was returning for some time. They felt whether or not he must be able to fight back and return to the rings.

The series is a long-run manga, which has shown the number of fights among so many boxers, but this time the match will be between the most popular boxer who has come through a break of months recovering from his injury, and now to prove his part h has to suddenly play and win against the strong boxer in the ring who has never ever faced any kind of injury and has been int he rings from years.

It the time now to tell you how well your favorite boxer plays in the ring this time and how he will prove himself. Along with it, we will also let you know, the release date for it new chapter and some quick spoilers for the new release chapter. 

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1436 Release Date

The long-run manager Hajime no Ippo is releasing chapter 1436 next week on Thursday, 12th October 2023, on their official page. The fans have been crazy to know when is its new chapter coming and when they will come to know who is going to win the new amazing match. And now it feels so good to tell the fans that finally their wait is over. 

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Storyline Of The Series

The series begins with the boxer, Kamogawa, who was on a break from his boxing career due to some injuries. Readers went so crazy hearing that their favorite boxer, will not come to the ing anymire. they wished he would return soon. And their ish was heard and grnted too, that is why, Kamogawa is now back with more strength and bravery to the ring. But this time he will have to be more perfect as he has to prove himself. 

Kamogawa will have his first fight after returning back to the ring from injury with the strongest boxer in the area, Mashiba. He has never taken a break in his career or been injured, but Kamogawa has been from a break. and now it is difficult for him to fight back with the same strength and fearlessly that too with this powerful and strong, boxer. The readers even wish that Kamogawa must win this match against Mashiba, as they need to show the entire world, that their powerful boxer is back with even more strength and power. 

Spoiler For Chapter 1436

In the last chapter, we saw, Kamogawa and Mashiba already in the ring fighting against each other, and also in the three rounds of the fight we saw Kamogawa being knocked down by Mashiba, and the readers are sad looking at this. But there was a twist and a reason why Kamogawa was alow. The reason behind this was not known by anyone in the series, not even were the readers known until mentioned in the series.

It was mentioned in the series, that from the beginning Kamogawa was tied with some weight in his legs, due to which he was slow and being known down by Mashiba. This made Mashiba feel more powerful and overconfident in himself. But after these three rounds of knocking down, Kamogawa’s weights were removed and now it will be his part to be powerful and bring Mahiba down, telling him how powerful he was and even now he is after the injuries and break. 

While, in the next upcoming chapter readers, will see the fight moving ahead, with Kamogawa and Mashiba indulging in a storm fight against each other. Not only this but also the [eice of information of winner of this match will be given in this new upcoming chapters. this will also prove and mark a history that though Kasmogawa was injured or in a break of months, he has returned back, completely recovered, but also with great power and bravery.

Where You Can Read The Series

The series, Hajime no Ippo is available on their official page, Pocket Shonen Magazine, in their raw, Japanese language. 

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