The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 134 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler & Everything Covered So Far!

The tutorial Is Too Hard, is all the way the same as the earlier released managas. But if the series has come so far released more than 100 chapters so far, then of course there must have been some unqiueness in the plot of the series. What is the uniqueness? Why is it loved so much by the readers? All these questions are to be answered in the next panel of the article.

The manag The Tutorial Is Too Hard, is a new kind of series, where the hero travels from one time to the other. me. Basically, it shows the time lapse from past to present and present to future. The bad part of the series is it never pre-informs the readers when it is transforming the change of time. Well, the series is about the male lead, Lee Hojae, who is looking for his targets and trying to move further in the levels of the game along with his competitors.

You might be wondering, how much messy the series looks from the introduction. But don’t worry about the series plot, as we will be telling you every small part of it, that you must know. Along with it, the new chapters’ release date is also revealed and spoiler t its new chapter. so let’s begin the journey to learn about the manga.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 134 Release Date

After the release of chapter 133 fans expect the release of chapter 134 to be soon in a few days. But as the demands of fans can never be neglected by the makers of the series, they have announced the release date of the series. Chapter 134 is all set to be released on Wednesday, 11th October 2023 on their official page. 

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Plot Of The Series

The Tutorial Is Too Hard is a messy series, because it changes its time zone without informing the readers, which causes them to understand where are they traveling now. Is it a past, present, or future? But, till there are some clues which are seen will tell you which time zone they are in. Well, the male lead has reached the 18th floor of the game and now works really hard to reach to 60th floor.’

The series begins with Lee Hojae, reaching to 18th floor and waiting for his target to come so that he can kill him. Bit a tist arises when he sees that the place where he can kill his target is full of people. Yes, there is a festival going around and his target is surrounded by many common people which makes it difficult for our male lead to do his duty and kill his target.

Lee Hojae feels that the festival might end in a day or two, but when asked by people at the festival, they said it would run for a month and it has made him worry about his target. Lee Hojae does not have much time, to leave him alone and he does not have much patience to keep him alive, but now it’s time to see what will he do with the target in the further chapter. But before that let’s see what happened in the previous chapter and also some quick spoilers to the new chapter 134. 

Spoiler To Chapter 134

In the last chapter, we saw, Lee Hojae talking about his target, and on the 18th floor he is trying to tell the readers about his plan to kill the target, and also how he would reach the 60th floor of the game. He is also trying to find a person with whom he can complete this level. The reason behind it is that while Hoae is engaged in fighting in the 18th level, his second teammate is trying to overcome the obstacles in the next level.

The main thing that we need to tell you is how to recognize in which timeline the story is traveling. Generally, you can understand by seeing some special things in the timeline. Yes, when you see a special female character that is in a different timeline when you see Lee Hojae with two companions, is a different timeline, and lastly, when you find a dragon or Lee Hojae alone, you must be traveling in a different timeline. 

Where You Can Read It

The series, The Tutorial Is Too Hard is available on Kakao Page in its raw format.

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