I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability To The Last Moment Chapter 28 Release Date Stands Confirmed!

Comic Walker has a lot of manga series in its lot. These manga series are some of the best series present these days. Each series has a different and exciting story. Also, their artwork is another factor for which they are loved. “I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability to the Last Moment” is the manga series that we are going to talk about in this article. With time, this series has gotten a lot of love and appreciation from the readers and the critics. There are 27 chapters present to date in this engaging series. Now people are looking for any news about I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability to the Last Moment Chapter 28 Release Date. This article contains all the answers about the new chapter and its release date.

I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability To The Last Moment Chapter 28 Release Date

Now the official confirmation has come for the release date of this chapter. This is directly from the writers and publishers that this chapter is to be released on 23rd October 2023. Fans can now relax and control their pumping veins as they will finally get their hands on the latest chapter. This is the official release date for which everyone was anxiously waiting.

It will be released in a raw format so for those who read this series in English a date after some time will be given. This is because the translation team will need some time to do the translation. Fans who want to read this chapter should know the time zone they belong to. This is because the timings of the release will vary according to the different time zones all over the world.

I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability To The Last Moment Chapter 28: Where To Read?

Those who want to read this series should visit Comic Walker as it is the platform for this series. There are many best series present on this platform. One of these quality manga series is this series. Fans should visit this platform to read all the previous chapters of the series. Also, the new chapters will be released on this platform itself. Comic Walker has always provided the readers with the best manga series. People who want to read some good quality manga series should visit this platform.

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I Think I’ll Hide My True Ability To The Last Moment Chapter 27: What Happened In This Chapter?

In this chapter, readers can read how Yuno and Cecilia’s knights got into a battle to prove who was better. This battle was to know whose knights were better. Athena was roaming around the academy as she didn’t want to do any other class than the moon class. This was a joint lesson for the moon class which Athena was looking forward to. Other girls of the academy came to Athena and asked what was her plan for the day.

She answered them with gentleness and told them she would walk around the beautiful garden. Cicilia was seen bullying Luna who went with a loner knight. Then Cecilia talked about her knight who was the successor of the Byrne family. Yuno was the name of her knight who was finding it difficult to handle her. Now, Yuno was worried about how Luna would handle Cecilia but she did it with care and told Yuno that they should continue going. Yuno was impressed with Luna for the move but deep down he knew that it was the worst move to make.

Further Story!

Cecilia didn’t let Luna leave by holding her wrist. But Luna refused to listen to her and told her to leave her as she wasn’t any princess to give orders to other people. Cecilia got raged by these actions of Luna and now she was going to slap Luna. But Yuno intervened in between and reminded her not to take the matter any further. If this happens then Cecilia’s reputation will be down in front of all. Cecilia said that she would let it happen rather than get embarrassed by Luna. Yuno was now thinking about what would happen between them if this continued further. Cecilia continued and told Luna that she must be very happy to embarrass her. And would be happier if Cecilia got expelled from the academy.

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