Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Release Date Receives Confirmation!

An adventurous manga, Absolute Sword Sense chronicles an emotional turmoil inflicted upon a low-key spy, So Un-hwi, The Korean historical manga, penned by Hanjung Wolya, features a compelling storyline that has boosted its fandom immensely. The characters weren’t as fleshed out as the readers expected them to be initially. But now, Wolya seems to have been picking up the pace and elaborating on the intense backdrop. Due to the same, the manga has amassed nearly a million monthly readers and has succeeded in cultivating a firm spot in the genre.

Questions regarding the Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 release date have been picking up the pace as well recently. So now, if you, too, are caught in the same whirlwind, jump in to get the latest updates!

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Release Date

Hanjung Wolya and KDRM began publishing the web novel in 2019 in collaboration with TI. The web novel is currently hosted by Munpia and is the recipient of the fifth Munpia Korean Web Novel Contest Excellence Award. Kim Durumi and Ti adapted the novel into a manga in June 2022 after witnessing the imminent success of the former. Though the action manga is currently in its initial stages, it has certainly succeeded in enamouring millions of readers.

Speculations regarding Absolute Sword Sense being adapted into a manga have been making rounds on the Internet as well. However, the creators have yet to elaborate on the same. Recently, the manhwa went on an undefined hiatus and left the readers reeling in anticipation. Due to this aforementioned hiatus, fanatics are always on the lookout for the latest updates regarding the manhwa.

Recently, Wolya and his team confirmed that Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 will be released on October 8, 2023. The Korean raw scan will be hosted by the Naver Series under the alias Absolute Inspection and Webtoon in the English language.

Absolute Sword Sense Manga Overview

Absolute Sword Sense is centred around So Un-hwi, a young, rookie spy who finds himself entangled in the labyrinth of the criminal universe. Despite being surrounded by danger constantly, Un-hwi stays detached from his own life and wanders around aimlessly. His dark past shadows his present circumstances, creating a hazy fog around him that blocks rays of optimism. Un-hwi was abandoned as a child due to his broken Danjeon (Soul Spirit) and abducted by a religious cult later on.

The cult leaders manipulate Un-hwi into believing in their cause and eventually transform him into a spy. However, he is unable to grow in his role and remains an inferior detective. He then learns about Geomseonbirok, a legend who could help him alter his current fettle and rebuild his crumpled Danjeon. But before he can accomplish his mission, he is slaughtered mysteriously only to be revived again in a different timeframe. Un-hwi returns back a decade earlier, when he was kidnapped by the cult and garners a mystical ability to hear the sound of a sword.

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Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Plot

Un-hwi’s begins collecting the shards of his broken heart and tries to make sense of his distorted life. Freshly exiled from his home and abducted by the Blood Cult, Un-hwi, begins formulating a plan to escape his fate. Bearing his past life experience in mind, Un-hwi decides to not let this fresh start go in vain. He starts working on his martial arts skills and tries to improve his spying abilities as well. But the question remains prominent: will he be able to escape from the Blood Cult and carve a new life for himself away from violence and the sound of the sword?

The previous chapter introduced a dynamic character, Sima Young. Now, this upcoming iteration is expected to elaborate on Young and Un-hwi’s interconnection. Moreover, Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 will put Un-hwi at a crossroads with his yearning to escape from the cult.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Release Date: FAQs

1. What Is Absolute Sword Sense Manga About?

It is a historical manga centred around a spy, Un-hwi, who has been abandoned as a child and abducted by a cult.

2. Who Is The Author Of Absolute Sword Sense Manga?

The manga is penned by Kim Durumi and TI.

3. Is Absolute Sword Sense Manga Adapted From A Webtoon?

Yes, Absolute Sword Sense is adapted from Hanjung Wolya and KDRM.

4. Is The Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Release?

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 will be released on October 8, 2023.

6. Where To Read Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 52 Online?

You can read Absolute Sword Sense online on the Naver Series and Webtoon platforms.

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