Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76 Release Date: Spoilers & Recap

People can go to prison for many different reasons. But there are rarely some cases, where a prisoner always manages to skip away and avoid being behind bars. Your Eternal Lies does not only tell us about such a person, but it presents us with a complex storyline.

The manhwa is about two people who are completely opposites if you consider their lives. One of them serves the nation while the other one escapes from prison. Due to some circumstances, they have come together and hence a complex plot kicks off. This is a pretty fresh and new idea regarding manhwas and the fans have liked how the story is evolving. Now, many of them are curious about an upcoming chapter. They want to find out the release date of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76.

Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

As a beginner, the best way to identify a well-developed manga is to look at the number of total chapters it has released now. Whenever the creators release a new manhwa or manga, the best way to make it likable for the fans and otaku communities is to make a gripping plot or storyline. Apart from that, there must be well-defined main characters with good character arcs. Otherwise, in the long run, the story will start to feel sluggish as the chapters get released. Let us talk about Your Eternal Lies here and the release date of Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76.

This is about two people with completely different lives. Destiny has brought them together for a reason and there is a mystery that must be solved in order to clear the cloud of confusion. And in that cloud, there lies a mystery that needs to be brought under the light. Till now, the creators have managed to publish 75 chapters of Your Eternal Lies. Readers have found them worth reading and a lot of the otaku communities have praised how the author and illustrators have presented the story. What is Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76 release date?

Will this chapter be a concluding one? Before answering anything, let me tell you. This manhwa still has a lot of chapters till they would cover the whole story. And yes, an upcoming chapter is on the way. Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76 release date is 10th October 2023. Indian fans will get it after 6 p.m., Tuesday. As long as I can say, this date will not be delayed at any cost. The aforementioned releasing schedule will be the same for other areas like New York, Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Canada, Korea, Japan, and the United States of America. 

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Your Eternal Lies: A Confusing Tale Of Love And Lies

Since you have gone through the initial part of this article, you have understood the background of this story. Our manhwa tells us about the lives of two people. One of them is Rosen Walker – she got arrested when she was just 17 years old. According to the authorities, Rosen had murdered her husband ruthlessly. As a result, she was sent to prison by the law. But soon, Rosen escaped from her facility somehow. She was captured and put back inside, but within a short period of time, she managed to escape again. On the other hand, we have Ian Connor.

Ian is a national hero – due to his contribution, the people of this country respect him a lot and they feel safe in his presence. Apart from that, the one thing for which people remember Ian Connor more is his good looks and great physique. This war hero of his country now comes in front of Rosen Walker. He will be her guard and make sure that she does not escape this time. Rosen Walker even managed to flee from the most notorious prison prior to this. But as the story rolls forward, we might see how destiny intertwines the fates of Ian Connor and Rosen Walker.

In Chapter 75, we see that our most loved war hero has betrayed his team. He has in fact betrayed his own country – Rosen Walker, for the first time, admitted the truth to Ian. Initially, she thought of betraying Ian and using his stature just to plan her escape from the steel bars of prison. But somehow, through all these days, Rosen had fallen in love with Ian. She saw how deeply Ian trusted her with the gun. Afterward, Rosen decided to tell the actual truth to at least the person she loves. Ian prepared everything so that Rosen could finally escape after serving 8 years in prison.

What Can We Get From Chapter 75 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa 

The next chapter ended with an almost proper closure but this is definitely not the end of Ian Connor and Rosen Walker. In Chapter 76, Ian Connor might accept all the guilt on himself. He betrayed his own kind for someone who was guilty. On the other hand, even if she set herself free, Rosen Walker will probably come back for Ian Connor. She is in love with the man after everything he has done for her.

Ian was the only one who could trust such a great liar. So, we might see the duo reuniting again. But let us not take these as real spoilers. To know what will exactly happen in the upcoming chapter, we will wait till Your Eternal Lies Chapter 76 release date finally arrives. If you want to read the manhwa, please visit the Ridibooks website

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