I’ll Become A Villainess That Will Go Down In History Chapter 13 Release Date Astounds Fanatics!

Isekai manga series are exciting and interesting to read. This is because of their engaging and intriguing plot and also the fantastic artwork. All the chapters of this series bring a new story with them. Fans truly enjoy reading the series and have given very positive reviews and responses about the series. Also, the rating of the series is very high on all the platforms. Fans are now eagerly waiting to find any news about I’ll Become A Villainess That Will Go Down In History Chapter 13 Release Date. If you are a fan and want to know about the release date, spoilers and expectations, expected plot, cast details, and more then read the article.

I’ll Become A Villainess That Will Go Down In History Chapter 13 Release Date

Finally, the release date of the most awaited and anticipated chapter of the series is fixed. Fans can now control their pumping veins as they will know what happens next in the story. This is confirmed by the writers and publishers that the chapter will be released on 9th October 2023. The timing of the release will be different for different regions due to various time zones. Fans are requested to know the correct timing for their region. And this chapter will be in the raw format so people who read it in English have to wait for some more time.

Comicwalker is the platform where one will find this series from. All the previous chapters are available on this platform. Also, the new chapters will be released on the same platform. Since there are many irregularities in the updates, fans could expect to read the chapter sooner than the fixed release date.

What Are The Expectations And Spoilers?

This chapter would continue the story from the end of chapter 12. In the last chapter, readers can read that the thug has gone missing. This thug has attempted to kill Jill and Alicia in the previous chapter. In this chapter, readers can find out about the thug and what were his plans. Also, we will come to know where this thug is from. This is not a confirmed plot but could be expected from the chapter.

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I’ll Become A Villainess That Will Go Down In History Chapter 12: Recap

In the previous chapter, Alicia and Jill were seen to be attacked by some people. But after some time, readers can see Prince Duke appearing at that place. He grabbed one of the thugs using his teleportation power. Then he ordered his guards to find the remaining three thugs. They should not run away as the Prince wants them in front of him. Now, the prince apologizes to Alicia as he is late rescuing them. But Alicia was more about Jill who was badly hurt by the attack. He was almost killed by the thugs. Henry assures that he is fine and will be on his feet soon.

Albert appears at the scene after a moment and notices Alicia carrying bruises all over her body. He says that Alicia was to be scared by the thugs according to him. Also, he says that dark magic can be used to heal and he has seen Alicia trying to kill a man with an axe. But Jill interferes in between and says that it was one of the goons who attacked them.

Further Story!

Alicia was just trying to flee him away and safeguard themselves. But Albert was not easy to convince. Now he says that was the thing Alicia could have talked about at first that would stop her from doing the violence.

Alicia reciprocates and says that she has learnt this from Albert. She says that if Albert’s family was to be murdered then he also would have taken the sword in his hands. Princess thanks Alicia for reaching there at the correct time and saving her. According to her, Alicia waited with peace for help before fighting the thugs. It was a thing to be appreciated for and so the princess is thanking her. But Alicia said that it was not her who did this all but the Duke who came at the correct time to rescue them.

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