Physical Season 4: Is The Series Really Coming Back?

You know, it’s not wrong to want another season of your favorite show. And recently, most of them have started having 4 seasons. Today, we will be discussing the possibilities of Physical Season 4.

The show is about a woman. She leads a peaceful midlife until one day she rediscovers herself. She becomes successful and regains the lost faith in herself. This empowering storyline has gained a huge fan following in the last three seasons. Regardless, people are still excited about this show and they want to know if there is any update for Physical Season 4.

Physical Season 4: Any Possibility Of Another Installment 

As I was saying before, previously, a lot of the shows used to conclude their story within three seasons. It used to give off that feeling of completeness after watching a good trilogy. However, there might be some times when there is still something left on the plate. There comes the idea of another season, the fourth one. Look at Stranger Things for example – the series has had 4 seasons in total, and they are going to have one again. Just like this hugely popular show, Physical is another series that has gained immense popularity.

The show is a blend of comedy, self-love, self-awareness, empowerment, and inspiring success stories. We get introduced to a woman who starts to try aerobics. After making quite a few numbers of attempts and a spending good amount of time, she finally starts to taste success. You won’t believe how big the fan following has become. Over the course of three seasons, Physical has got love and appreciation from the viewers. Now, they are eager about one thing in particular – will there ever be a Physical Season 4?

Well, we would love to see this show going for another run in the future. But if you are a fan of Physical, I have got disheartening news for you. There will never be Physical Season 4. Creator Annie Weisman confirmed that Season 3 was the final. She has informed multiple news sources that Physical has concluded its glorious run in the third and final season of the show which was released on 2nd August, 2023. The journey of our favorite aerobic athlete ended with Physical Season 3. There is no amount of loose thread hanging on the table.

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Storyline Of Physical: Better Late Than Never

If you already are a fan of this particular show, you already know the story. So please enjoy a full-fledged recap ahead. But, if you are yet to watch it and you are here to know a bit of what lies ahead of you, please hold on. You already have read before that Physical is a TV show which is about empowerment. Our story revolves around the life of Sheila Rubin. She is a simple housewife, but her life is slowly becoming hell. Sheila gets tortured and tormented almost every moment.

She is trying her best to find the will to just breathe at this point. One thing Sheila understands is that in order to rise above the trauma, she must establish her grounds. As days pass, she starts to explore her abilities. Surprisingly, Sheila finds out that she can perform aerobics well. This is an unconventional thing, but this aerobics channels her sadness and frustration. Instead of sulking at home, she has found a purpose. Due to her love and dedication, Sheila Rubin soon started to gain huge success in aerobics.

See, there are a hundred ways to rise if you have the will to fly. The same goes for Sheila. She became so successful that she started to garner the attention of almost everyone around her. Soon, this reached the celebrity level. One day, Kelly Kilmartin issues a challenge against Sheila. Kelly is considered the goddess celebrity when it comes to exercising. The fight becomes tough but Sheila is also not there to give up. This season is a proving factor for her. Either she will give up and be happy with her achievements, or, she will achieve a glorious victory.

Team Behind The Series: Official Watching Platform Of Physical 

Physical is a well-made TV series despite all the bad reviews about monotonous storytelling. Rose Byrne flies high as the glorious Sheila Rubin in the show. Other notable cast members include Paul Sparks, Rory Scovel, Zooey Deschanel, Dierdre Fiel, Ashley Liao, Erin Pineda, Blaine Grey, Geoffrey Arend, Tawny Newsome, Jose Zuniga, Al Madrigal, Jilian Armenante, Donny Divanian and Mary Holland.

This show has a total number of 30 episodes in its three seasons. The first season premiered on 18th June 2021 while the show concluded its run via third season on 2nd August 2023. If you want to watch Physical, you can head to Apple TV+ by clicking here.

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