Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3: Cancelled Or Renewed?

When somebody does something wrong to any of your family members, you will of course want to exact revenge on the culprit. This was also the case with the Reyes brothers. However, things started to become different when their lives took unexpected turns. Pasion De Gavilanes is one of the most loved series by the fans because of the storylines of Season 1 and 2 of the show. Fans are now wondering if there will be a third season to the show or not. What are the possibilities? Here, we are going to explore the possibilities of the return of Pasion De Gavilanes. To know more, you will have to continue reading this piece of information.

Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3: What Are The Possibilities?

Pasion De Gavilanes is one of the most loved series by the fans as already mentioned above. Since the fans love this series so much, the creators decided to come up with a second season of the show almost 20 years after the release of the first season. Season 1 of Pasion De Gavilanes was released in the year 2003. The second season aired in 2022. Season 2 of the show has also come to an end. After Season 2 came to an end, fans wondered if there would be a third season. Are there any possibilities for a third season?

First, considering the reaction of the audience, we think that a third season can be made. Audience reviews is a crucial aspect that determines either the continuation or the cancellation of any show. Since the audience reacted positively in favour of the second season, we think that the fans will love it if Season 3 is made. Therefore, considering this aspect, we are good to have Season 3 of Pasion De Gavilanes.

Second, the creators of the show have not yet decided if they want to make a third season of the show or now. Since the series came to an end in 2022, if a third season is made, we will not get it any time soon. If the creators decide to come up with Season 3, they will probably release it in 2024 or 2025. However, that is not confirmed yet.

Third, we do not think that the storyline of the show can be extended more. There are chances for it to get expanded, but these chances are less.

We can conclude that since Pasion De Gavilanes Season 3 has not been confirmed by the creators, it has a 50% chance of returning.

Pasion De Gavilanes Storyline

Season 1 of the show opened with the Reyes brothers and their only sister. The family was living in peace, but the youngest sister fell for a rich man named Bernando. She was unaware of the fact that this person was already married and had three grown up daughters. After spending some time together, Bernando got the youngest sister pregnant. Unfortunately, when Bernando meets his untimely death in an horse accident, the girl discovers the entire truth about his family. Consequently, she takes her own life.

The furious Reyes brothers now want to exact revenge on Bernando’s family. They undertake the disguise of carpenters and infiltrate the family to make Bernando’s daughters suffer the way he made their sister suffer. However, things take an unprecedented turn. The three daughters know about the entire truth. Surprisingly, the boys, instead of making the girls suffer, fall in love with them. This starts with Juan Reyes who falls in love with Norma Elizando first. Thus, the first season of the show revolves around the entire story of the Reyes brothers and Elizando sisters. The first season of the show ends with the three couples being happily married to each other.

The second season of the show takes places after 20 years since the Reyes brothers and the Elizando sisters got married. The couples are living in peace with their children, but things turn upside down when the sons of Juan and Norma, Erick and Leon, get charged of murder. Thus, the second season of the show revolves around the struggles of the family trying to save their children from this horrifying accusation.

Pasion De Gavilanes Cast: Behind The Scenes

The cast of Pasion De Gavilanes included Juan Alfonso Baptista, Danna Garcia, Paola Rey, Mario Cimarro, Natasha Klauss, Michael Brown, Kristina Lilley, Zharick Leon and others.

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Pasion De Gavilanes Streaming Platform

Pasion De Gavilanes is available on Netflix for streaming. All the 259 episodes of both the seasons are available there. You will have to subscribe to Netflix in order to watch the show there.

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