Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife Chapter 13: Release Date, Recap, Spoilers & Confirmation To New Chapters!

Manga is famous for releasing its fantasy tales which are loved to be read by the readers of different parts of the world. Be it even of any age group. this bounds the manga publishers to publish their novels even in the English language other than in their raw formats. Now the question is What manga will be discussed in today’s article? Excited to know? Come let’s see then.

Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife is the manga we will be reading about today in this article. well, it hasn’t been so long since the manga was released but only a few months have passed and the good thing about it is being loved and supported by the fans. they like the manga so much that demand to release new chapters soon, rather than releasing one in a week. But why do they love it so much?

Don’t worry this is also answered in the article ahead. Along with the storyline of this amazing manga, the release date of its new chapters, a quick through to the previous chapters, and of course the spoilers for the new chapter coming soon. Super Excited! Before your excitement fades away, we must move on to the article’s next panel, to know what’s coming next here.

Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife Chapter 13 Release Date

Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife, is the most demanded manag till now. and as it follows its trend of releasing new chapters every week on Wednesday, the fans demand to release at least two chapters a week. But this demand of them is yet not fulfilled by the producers.

So, Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife will be releasing chapter 13 next week Wednesday, October 4, 2023, on their official page Naver in raw language, and in translated form, it will be present on another webpage, which will be disclosed further in the article. 

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Previously In The Series

The series Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife is a unique mnaga that shows the story of a duchess who is the daughter of a duke and also the wife of a duche. The fortune seems to have fallen upon her because of her beauty might be. But this doesn’t complete her life, as she is married to a male, whom she hates as much as she is hated by him. But who is this male and female lead? Well, not only they but the story holds one more couple, which the story shifts on them so quickly that the fans can’t even understand.

Before knowing the other couple, we will see this weird couple of Duche and Duchess. Irwen Lilias is the daughter of the Verma’s Archduke. being the daughter of a respected personality she was forced into a marriage with the Duche of Carlisle, Derevin Carlisle. They didn’t have a good bond with each other and not even Irwen’s good bonds with the people of the nation, as she was quite abusive.

Now, she finds herself to be a villain in the story of the novel she has been incarnated to, and it shows that if the villain is not loved by her husband she must die soon. What do you think, will she get love from her husband? Or will she have to die soon? All of these will be answered in the next series of chapters. 

Spoilers To Chapter 13

In the last chapter 12, as we said the story shifted quickly from Duche and Duchess to Abigail and Seiblian. We saw Abigal was fighting with her brother for not behaving well in front of the public, and so he was arguing. But when he wasn’t able to win with words, he decided to slap his sister but till then he already got a blow on his face from Abigail.

Following this we saw, him pulling Abigail by her hair, for arguing with her even now, and this was the time when Seiblian entered the room. He saw the fight and his love Abigail being beaten up but her brother. So he stopped putting his belt off and handed it over to Abigail to use it against her brother. But she stopped him from doing so and made her brother go out of the room.

Later when there was no one other than Abigail and Seiblian in the room, he asked for permission to hug her and when granted he whispered in her ears, that she was beautiful even if she had gained weight, and he loved her even today. With this the chapter ends, building suspense for the readers to know what will happen next between them in the series. Giving you a quick soiler to chapter 13, you will see Abigail confessing her love to Seiblian and some quick shift to the Duchess story ahead.

Where You Can Read It

Becoming the Obsessive Male Lead’s Ex-Wife is available in raw format on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon, while its English translation is available on Tappytoon

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