Rafuchakkar Season 2 Release Date Finally Announced?

Directed by Ritam Srivastav, and streaming exclusively on Jio Cinema, another captivating thriller has recently come under our interest list. Featuring the very famous and talented, Maniesh Paul in the lead role, this enthralling courtroom drama is pretty hard to skip. Overflowing with suspense, comedy, and mystery, Rafuchakkar Season 1 has truly impressed us a lot and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Maniesh Paul is quite popular in the entertainment world for his witty and humorous acting skills. In this Hindi-language web drama as well, he managed to get all of our attention. 

Coming back to the intriguing storyline, Rafuchakkar Season 1 centres upon the infamous arrest of a common man named Pawan Kumar Bawaria, better known as Prince. As the story progresses, we will see how Prince is charged with various fraudulent cases. Within minutes, his life has turned upside down and now he must give proof of his innocence in the court. With a series of lies building against him, Prince has been framed as a con man who has already looted many famous personalities out there. Well, Rafuchakkar Season 1 was filled with complicated riddles, but fans can’t wait any further to see the continuation of this web drama. It seems like the audience is now rooting for Rafuchakkar Season 2. 

Rafuchakkar Season 2 Release Date Finally Announced?

Rafuchakkar Season 2 Release Date Finally Announced?

Before we discuss anything else, let us clear up all your doubts out there. Rafuchakkar Season 1 which premiered a few months back on Jio Cinema is again back in gossip. Fans of the thrilling courtroom drama are definitely looking forward to the renewal announcement. Starting with the reviews and ratings, well, as of now, the web series has managed to get a decent fanbase out there. The positive rating of 6.5 from IMDb directly indicates that the show still holds the potential to do even better in the future.

Rafuchakkar Season 2 is in high talk, but now, the main question is whether there are any loopholes left in the story or not! Was the whole mystery solved in Season 1 itself? Can this web series be extended? As of now, neither Jio Cinema nor the production team has said anything about the renewal of the series. The blockbuster drama, Rafuchakkar is yet to be renewed for Season 2! But if we concentrate solely on the ending of Season 1, then you may have noticed that Pawan promised us to return to the big screen. 

As the series concludes, it is revealed that Pathania was not the only one planning to deceive the public! There are so many like him in power, and to give justice to everyone, we need more real-life heroes like Prince! But until we get another hero, Prince will continue to help others in need. Thus, there is still a lot hope left for Rafuchakkar Season 2. Given all the probable scenarios, we do think that the newly launched web series might make a comeback in Jio Cinema. Speaking of the release date, if the series is renewed in the future, then Rafuchakkar Season 2 might roll around late 2024. 

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Rafuchakkar Season 1 Story Overview!

This story begins with the sudden arrest of Pawan Kumar from Nainital! He is charged with defrauding three sound individuals and the most important among them happens to be Sarvesh Pathania, a member of the Parliament. His beloved daughter was in love with a man named Ajay Chauhan, who also allured him by giving fake business proposals. Failing to judge his true intentions, Ajay managed to swipe off a good amount of money from Pathania! 

Again, Ritu Arora presented a woman who said that she was scammed by a gym owner, named Kirtan Gada. Both of these con characters of Ajay and Kirtan were played by Pawan, but the last one, which was unveiled to be Manojeet Walia was not quite on his agenda list. The third story was fully fabricated to build a strong case against Pawan, but little does Pathania know that Jaidev is not going to give up so soon. 

The whole storyline of Rafuchakkar Season 1 plays around the wrong deeds of rich men in the country. It was indeed quite entertaining to see how Pawan managed to get the required justice for the whole public!  Meanwhile, all of Pathania’s motives were ultimately shattered by this mastermind. But to know all about Season 1, you have to binge all the 9 episodes of this enthralling Indian drama.

Rafuchakkar Season 1 Ending Explained – Did Pawan Accept His Crime? 

Rafuchakkar Season 2 Release Date Finally Announced?

The fingerprint didn’t match, but with the help of Inspector Shaurya, Ritu presented even better evidence in front of the court. It seems like Pawan had a terrifying past! All the information given by him previously was indeed false, he originally lived in Ranikhet, not Nainital. From a very small age, Pawan had a keen interest in cyber-financial schemes and that’s how he planned this whole scam game! It was also revealed that his mentor, Samir, was once involved in an ATM scam.

Meanwhile, Pawan’s father, Mohan, who used to work as a bank employee knew everything about Sarvesh Pathania’s illicit financial activities! Unfortunately, the bank manager took the side of Pathania and colluded to frame Mohan to be the main criminal. This directly explains why Pawan holds a deep grudge against Pathania. The time has come when Pawan has no option other than confessing his crime in the courtroom.

As a result, he thought of cracking a deal with Ritu and Shaurya. In this secret meeting, Pawan accepted all his crimes and also exposed everything about Fyr coins designed by Pathania, which were originally made to scam the commoners. But luckily by playing the role of Ajay, Pawan managed to steal the hard drive. Thus, the stolen money was redistributed to the public. The duo asked Pawan to say the same in the court. And the very next day, Pawan was presented in court.

He accepted his crime but also revealed the real side of Pathania! Moreover, he also requested the court to do a deep investigation of Pathania’s business and other financial activities. But the story doesn’t conclude here, as Pawan leaves for jail, a sudden smoke bomb gives him a way to escape! The first installment of the web series ends with Pawan reuniting with his family. But to get a better view of the ending, you can always switch to Jio Cinema.

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Rafuchakkar Season 2 Story Prediction!

Coming down to the last segment of the day, well, the open-ending of Season 1 has left a lot of questions in our minds. One thing that can be guaranteed is the return of Maniesh Paul for Rafuchakkar Season 2. Again, the story can be extended in various ways. Either a new powerful individual like Pathania will pop into the story or we can also witness a strong comeback from Pathania himself. Again, Pawan was meant to serve in prison, but instead, he managed to escape! 

Thus, the police can again think of chasing him up. Another interesting theory can be the entry of a brand new con man! You never know, someone might take advantage of Pawan Kumar Bawaria’s plan and put all the blame on him. Well, a lot of things can happen in the second installment of the show. Hopefully, in the next few months, more interesting updates will come up on our radar. 

Rafuchakkar Season 2 Release Date Finally Announced? – FAQs

1. Did Pawan escape from the police van? 

Yes, at the end of Season 1, Pawan was able to escape from the police van. 

2. Is Rafuchakkar coming back with Season 2?

As of now, there is no official update available on Rafuchakkar Season 2. 

3. Was Pathania’s fraudulent plan revealed in front of the court? 

Yes, Pathania’s fraudulent plan was revealed in front of the court. 

4. Did Pawan accept his crimes in the courtroom?

Yes, Pawan did accept all of his crimes in the courtroom. 

5. Do we have a release date for Rafuchakkar Season 2?

As per our estimates, Rafuchakkar Season 2 might roll out around late 2024. 

6. Was Pawan’s whole family involved in scamming Pathania?

Yes, Pawan’s whole family was involved in scamming Pathania. 

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