Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

If you think that heftily arranged marriages are the only complicated marriages in the world, then you are absolutely wrong. Sometimes marriages appear to be fake because they are only contractual. Amelia’s Contract Marriage brings up such a story.

The plot revolves around the life of our female character. Her own family treats her just like any other commodity which might benefit you if you exchange it with something. But later on, her life starts to flow in a peaceful direction. Usually, manhwas are all about reincarnation nowadays. This one is, too, but there are other new elements. Fans have started to love this manhwa and now, a lot of them want to know about the release date of Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23.

Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 Release Date: Everything We Know

This manhwa starts off with a very basic direction towards reincarnation. If you are an avid manhwa reader, someone who loves to try out and read new manhwa, then you might be aware of this scenario. Almost every story features this direction where the main character is reborn to take revenge on whoever did wrong to them in their past life. Amelia’s Contract Marriage also belongs to this category, but the creators have successfully bunked the probability of this story getting boring.

The story is about a girl who is treated like an object by her parents. She gets married to her husband for a different reason and she dies after some time. In their new life, she wants to take revenge on her family. Apart from the angle of reincarnation and revenge, Amelia’s Contract Marriage features the ideas of romance. There are 22 chapters and fans have loved most of them. People are curious about an upcoming one – what is Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 release date? Will this chapter get delayed?

New mangas and manhwas usually have this tendency to delay their releases. But as of now, there aren’t many possibilities for this manhwa. Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 release date is 26th September 2023 in Korea. It will be available after 12 a.m. KST. This release date will be the same for Japan, United States of America, Australia, Indonesia, and Central Europe. However, if you are from India, Philippines, or Singapore, for you, Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 release date is 25th September 2023, Monday.

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Amelia’s Contract Marriage: A Connection That’s Written By Fate Itself?

Sometimes, there are things that we cannot avoid at any cost. Amelia’s contract marriage, as the title suggests, is a life event that Amelia could not avoid even when she was reborn. So, here, Amelia is the girl who got exchanged like an object. Her family and her husband’s family are rivals. Amelia got married to Domine Family’s son just for some wicked purpose of her father. The two families were at war and he desperately wanted to gain the upper hand in this battle.

Amelia’s main task was to spy and keep a track of her husband. But one day, due to a careless mistake, she gets caught. Amelia faced death. When she was reincarnated, she decided that this time, she would not go through the same loop. So, she offers her husband a proposal – in exchange for Amelia’s help to win, he must divorce her. Unexpectedly, Amelia got a sweet approach from him. He was falling for her and it was evident in his warm voice. In Chapter 22, we see Amelia happy.

She was elated to end the marriage. But in her mind, Amelia was remembering the way the Count kissed her. After some time, her husband comes to the bedroom drunk after a day of hard work. Although Amelia expected seperate rooms, her husband told her that if it happened, everyone might talk about this topic. He tells her to call him by his name and he will call her his wife. As he falls to sleep, the drunk Count admits to her that he doesn’t want to be separated. He wants to love her existence.

What Can We Get From Chapter 23 And Official Reading Platform

In the next chapter, we will find a confused Amelia. She did not expect that her husband would become so weak towards her. And now that the Count has expressed his feelings towards her, Amelia does not know what to do. She might rethink her decision to end her marriage with her husband Rubesto. 

He is probably developing some feelings for his wife Amelia. But this might not be the only thing to happen in Chapter 23. To see what the chapter is all about, we have to wait till Amelia’s Contract Marriage Chapter 23 release date is finally here. If you want to read this manhwa, please visit the Kakao Page website by clicking here.

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