Gentleman Jack Season 3: Release Date & Possible Comeback

The 19th century Britain gave us a lot of things but same sex relationships were still a taboo. Although the British talked about manners, etiquettes and advancements, they were still lacking in this aspect. Gentleman Jack is about one such entanglement arc set in the Victorian Era.

The story is about a real life character who revolutionised the idea of being a lesbian during the 19th centuries. Anne Lister, the main character of this series was a brave women who did not back off from showing her love towards other women. This was considered as a social taboo back then and she faced severe backlash. But Anne kept going with her life. We have had two seasons of this series – people want to know about probable release date of Gentleman Jack Season 3.

Gentleman Jack Season 3: Release Date Of This Series

TV shows that often takes us back to the Medieval Eras or any era before the modern times, have a different charm in them. Take Gentleman Jack for example – we can see how England used to be like in those years. This series has gained a lot of popularity throughout it’s two seasons of run. Fans have liked how the creators have managed to bring the plot up. A lot of them are still watching it over and over. Apart from being one of the most popular dramas on BBC, Gentleman Jack has a historical significance too. 

The story is about a female Anne Lister – if you are not yet aware of who she is, you must take a stroll down the lanes of world history. In this series, Anne Lister is a heartbroken woman who falls in love with another woman. Later on, she also goes on to turn their relationship into a permanent marriage. If you consider the real life timeframe of these events, they are quite revolutionary. But what is the release date of Gentleman Jack Season 3? When will we get the sequel after Season 2 ended?

It might be disheartening for a lot of fans out there, but let me tell you all. Gentleman Jack Season 3 will never be here. HBO officially cancelled this series after Season 2. And as far as I have seen, the makers of Gentleman Jack has no plans to prepare themselves for a third run. HBO themselves confirmed the news of cancellation to a popular news article source. This was kinda expected by a part of the viewers of this series. The second season actually came out three years after Gentleman Jack Season 1 happened.

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Gentleman Jack: The Story Of A Revolutionary Woman

The plot of this whole series revolves around the life of Anne Lister. We get to see Anne’s life – how she meets people, how she interacts with everyone around her and how she got heartbroken multiple number of times in her conquest for finding true love. Anne Lister never expected that she might fall in love with any one other than a man. So, after failing to get a partner, Anne wanted to settle in Halifax – her uncle left a lush green property for her when he died.

When she started to live in the estate, everything was going pretty well. But one day, Anne Lister found out that their coal mine is getting robbed. She wanted to investigate the matter – as she was digging deep for the root, somehow, she met Ann Walker. Anne did not know this before, but she started to fall for her. This side of her was completely new and quite unconventional – but Anne Lister accepted it gracefully. The society was quite different at that time.

In fact, as the title suggests, people used to refer lesbians as ‘jack’. It was a slang in that period of time. As the story rolled forward, both Anne Lister and Ann Walker decided to come closer. They wanted to make their relationship permanent. Both of them were in deep love with each other. In the last season, we saw them uniting with each other. Anne Lister wanted to marry Ann Walker – their powerful union would multiply their properties and territories. The couple decided to set their abode in Shibden Hall.

The Team Behind Gentleman Jack And Watching Platform Of The Series

This historically significant series was actually based in the writings of Anne Lister herself. Gentleman Jack first premiered it’s season 1 on HBO on 22nd April 2019. Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle plays the roles of Anne Lister and Ann Walker respectively. Other notable cast members include Timothy West, George Costigan, Vincent Franklin, Gemma Whelan, Lydia Leonard, Daniel Weyman, Jessica Baglow, Amelia Bullmore, Albane Courtois and Shaun Dooley.

Genteman Jack has released two seasons till now. If you want to watch the two seasons of Gentleman Jack, you can go to HBO network by clicking here.

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