I Know This Much Is True Season 2: Release Date & Possibility Of A Second Run

In this age of television series and web series, we often see plots that revolve around mainly action-packed sequences or horrors. But stories that deal with mental illness and its effects are not that common. I Know This Much Is True tells us a similar tale.

The story is mainly about two brothers. They are twins and one of them has a mental disease. So, when he tries to harm himself, the other brother looks out for him. The series has gained pretty good attention through all this time. The audience has loved the show mainly due to its plot and they are very much interested to know about the possible release date of I Know This Much Is True Season 2.

I Know This Much Is True Season 2: Release Dates Soon or Cancelled?

No matter what the subject is, TV shows are usually renewed. Unless you want to conclude an entire series within one season, as a creator, you will love to leave some crumbs behind. The audience loves to look out for them and take them up. Then, the fans prepare fan theories or possible plots of the sequel that might happen. Sequels mainly happen after one to two years of the first run. But in the case of I Know This Much Is True, three years have passed since we saw the first part of this show.

The plot is quite good if you ask me. In this swarm of catchy and often surface-level stories, this series comes up with an interesting blend of mental health problems, history, action as well and politics. As a result, when they released the trailer back in the day, it managed to amass a huge number of views on YouTube. The creators were very sure that I Know This Much Is True is going to be a hit. Now, a lot of the fans are still curious regarding this. What is I Know This Much Is True Season 2 release date? Is the show canceled?

As a Mark Ruffalo fan myself, I am pretty disappointed here. We don’t know about I Know This Much Is True Season 2 release date. There is no official news about this. So, at this point, it is quite useless to even speculate anything regarding the I Know This Much Is True Season 2 release date. It’s not as if the first season did not end on a good note. The series has managed to score well in terms of views as well as awards, too. But still, now, the creators have not told us anything regarding the renewal or cancellation.

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I Know This Much Is True: A Tale Of Brotherly Love And Betrayal

The plot takes us back to the 1990s. If you remember well, this was an important time if you consider the premises of a war. Yes, the Gulf War was approaching – I Know This Much Is True sets up its entire story on the background of this Gulf War. The story is about the lives of two brothers. They are twin brothers – they look identical, but their mentality and lives are not at all similar. Dominick Birdsey and Thomas Birdsey are the twin brothers.

Thomas Birdsey spends his time managing the daily chores of a coffee shop. Dominick is not that much associated with him anymore. Thomas has a calm and cool life but his mental illness stands as an enemy. He is a paranoid schizophrenic and he stays under strict medication. Often, we can see Thomas Birdsey having severe episodes of paranoid schizophrenia throughout the whole series. Somehow, he gets to know that the Gulf War is coming and he must stop it otherwise people will die.

Thomas was so much confused and was deep into so much delusion that he thought he would be the one to stop the Gulf War. He was convinced that if he managed to sacrifice his limb, the War would not happen. So, Thomas Birdsey cuts off his arm – soon, Dominick Birdsey arrives on the scene. People around them in the library were very frightened at what they had to see. Dominick tries to calm Thomas down. He wants to free Thomas from the prison of his own thoughts. Finally, he secures Thomas from dying in a psychological ward.

Team Behind I Know This Much Is True And Official Watching Platform 

Mark Ruffalo won the Golden Globe and Emmy Award for starring in the lead roles in I Know This Much Is True. The series is written by Anya Epstein, Wally Lamb, and Derek Cianfrance. Apart from Mark Ruffalo playing Dominick and Thomas Birdsey, other notable cast members include Kathryn Hahn, Rob Huebel, Juliette Lewis, Phillip Ettinger, Archie Panjabi, Michael Greyeyes, Melissa Leo, John Procaccino, and Imogen Poots.

The entire series is available to watch and stream online. If you want to watch I Know This Much Is True, please go to the HBO Website or use the Jiocinema app.

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