Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61: Release Date, Storyline And Further Details!

Attention to all the adventure lovers! Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61 is all set to mark a return with an even more intrinsic and engrossing storyline. The manhwa has done a decent job throughout its serialisation and is all set for a stronger comeback. Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha blends the genre of mystery and adventure in the best way possible. Here is all the information related to it. Along with that, we have also disclosed the official release date of the same.

Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61: Release Date

Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61 is back with its marvellous storyline. The manhwa has done a commendable job in the previous chapters. Yet again the manhwa is expected to blow off the minds of the readers by its story and plot. Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61 is all set to release on the 27th of September, 2023. 

KakaoPage and Kakao Webtoon are going to publish the manhwa. It will be made available in its raw version for now. We can expect it to get translated later on. 

Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha: Overview

The manhwa Pick Me Up, commonly known as Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha, is a mystery and adventure story. This manhwa relates the tale of a mobile gacha game that is notorious for its unbelievable difficulty. In the history of the game, no one has ever been able to escape the dungeon. The narrative is not, however, restricted to the game.

Loki is the story’s central character. In the game, he started off as a fifth-level master. Loki fell asleep once while attempting to escape the prison. In the game, he had now been assigned the identity of Han Yslat, a 1-star hero, he discovered upon awakening.

Han Yslat, also known as Loki, is determined to get back to Earth and live his previous life, but it is not that simple. He must assist other heroes and masters in escaping the very challenging 100th-level dungeon in order to return.

If Han Yslat wants to go back to Earth, he cannot afford to lose even one battle, but will he be able to acquire what he wants so easily? Choose Me Up Unlimited Han Yslat is instructed by Gacha to fight to sacrificially aid other heroes in order to return to his life.

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Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 61: Expectations

Josh drives Han to the dungeon gate to open the chapter. Josh departs the Dungeon after being brought there because he completed the task from the side. Han saw that the mercenaries were reluctant to enter the dungeon since there was a chance of success. He also makes the decision to go with someone.

Later, Jenna and Han cross paths in the jewellery store. Han advised Jenna against purchasing an archery kit because it was so inexpensive. Han informed her about the element of stone. They afterwards reunited with the other party members. Han entered the training area and realised Dika wasn’t present.

Pick Me Up Infinite Gacha Chapter 60: Summary

Josh, the kid who was assisting Han in learning about Faricis al Langer, has affection for the princess. He will be an adult and the ruler of mercenaries by roughly the 50th floor. After that, it really picks up in appeal, and he found Faricis al Langer to be rather nourishing.

Aron is ejected from Party 1 by Anytng after failing to perform, in case anyone is worrying about him. To cut a long story short, Han assigned him to train under his heroes in Niflheim (which Han dubbed Valhalla). He will get training at Nifilheim, and in the very end, he will take Vekrist’s place as the spearman on the main Nifilheim squad.

He won’t soon receive a training arc, but he will endure shame. In the future, he will practise in the same manner that Vegeta does in Dragon Ball Z: Spirit and Time. When he ultimately reappears, he is essentially OP and, in terms of numbers and gear, was once the strongest hero in Anytng’s universe. However, it occurs very late in the narrative, so a lot will happen in between.

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