Monochrome Rumor Chapter 66: Release Date, Recap, & Spoiler. Must Read!

Monochrome Rumour is a sad, but amazing story of a young boy, who gets dead in his first life and in the second life is trying to enjoy his life with his friends. His first life was full of stardom, but his second life is of a low middle-class boy, still, he enjoys it more than the previous one. You must be wondering what a mess will be created ahead. Then don’t worry, for we are here again to clear all the mess, doubts, and confusion.

We will be telling you the release date of the new coming chapters of the series, and also some quick spoilers to it. Recaps of previous chapters are also covered in this article. Overall you will be happy to know everything ahead in the series, and also be more excited to read the novel after you finish reading this article till end. This is because we will be leaving you with one cliffhanger which you might find in the novel itself.

So, ready? Fasten your seat belts and hold your chairs as we are setting on an adventurous journey of this little boy, reincarnated into a man and starting a new life from scratch, forgetting his past, because there is no way to go back to life and get the stardom back. 

Monochrome Rumor Chapter 66 Release Date 

A quick happy news for all the manhwa fans, who have been waiting for the new release of this amazing series. Monochrome Rumor is releasing its new chapter 66 on its official page soon, next week, Monday, September 25, 2023. We know you are super excited to read this new chapter, but before that read the article ahead, to get some quick spoiler to this new chapter. 

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Previously In The Series

The series Monochrom Rumor is a story of the boy, Lee Sihyun after he reincarnated from his previous life to a new life. This happens because of his mistake. Sihyun’s car hit the car of a CEO, Hajin, who was knocked down dead on the spot after he was hit down by the car of Sihyun, and his life flashed in front of him. He found himself in a room, where Sihyun was sitting and crying.

When Hajin asked the reason, Sihyun said it was his car that led him to die. Hajin is a good man, did not say a word to Sihyun, and just asked for a favor. They decided to swap their bodies and Sihyun would die, but with the wish of Hajin taking care of his younger sister. This was accepted by Hajin and he decided to live Sihyun’s life, though full of fame still hard. 

On the other hand, Sihyun was lying on the hospital bed and was counting his last minutes. In his next life when he was reincarnated, into an actor, where he had to shoot for a film along with his friends. But the major question arises, Whether his sister is happy? Will his new life a different from the previous one? Will he be able to cope with things? All of this will be answered in the next upcoming chapters. 

Spoiler For Chapter 66

In the previous chapter 65, we saw the cast of the film Hit It!, which was just going to start. Also, the other acts like Seere were introduced for the first time to the readers. Other team members gave their intro and got back to their work of scribbling and other tasks they were doing before. In the new life, Sihyun is seen with a personality different from the last one.

In the last life, he never met his friends and always ran behind his money and had no friends or relatives Bit in this new one, he was seen spending time with his friends and family. The three friends Seere, Uihyeon, and Sihyun are enjoying together, playing, gossiping, and enjoying the food by Chan. Later we saw, that the shooting for Hit It! begins as its director visits them. 

In the upcoming chapters, readers will come to know more about the film they are making, and more heroes and heroines will be introduced. Not only this but the life of Sihyun will be compared with his last life, and his sister’s status will be shown. so stay tuned for further updates and don’t forget to read the new chapters.

Where You Can Read It

Monochrome Rumor is the manhwa available on Ridi Books in their raw, Korean form. This manhwa may be found on other unofficial sites but is yet not released in the English language. 

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