Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date Stands Confirmed By The Creators!

Blending the evergreen and an unfinished love story, Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show, has gained huge popularity in the recent past. The manga touches the soul of readers by being something extremely relatable yet fascinating. Apart from that, the protagonist in the manga makes everyone feel the main character’s energy by being a relatable one. Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date has been announced by the creators. To your surprise, it is around the corner. To know more about it, keep on scrolling!

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show, is a famous work in the manga world. Billy Bus and Cheng Ning have been very famous for creating the best stories. This duo has done a great job in Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show as well. In the book, each character serves a specific purpose and significantly advances the story. A diverse group was undoubtedly carefully developed by the author, adding complexity and intrigue to the story.

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date has been finalised by the creators and publishers. The manga is all set to release on the 24th of September, 2023. The raw version shall be made available on KakaoPage. Whereas for the English Translated Version, one should head straight to Tapas.

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show: Storyline

Not all are blessed enough to get the love of their lives. Well, so is our protagonist. She is extremely unfortunate and unlucky in matters of love. All her feelings have been crushed from the other side. Over the course of more than 20 years, she has been in love with the same person, but their feelings were never shared.

When Lee Won-Gu and his family moved into the next-door apartment, Mo Da-Hye, then 7 years old, first encountered him. She fell in love right away and continues to do so today. It appears that Won-Gu is only interested in maintaining his friendship with Da-Hye. Won-Gu worked as a producer on the dating program Viewer’s Choice. Da-Hye made an attempt and was chosen. The show seeks to assist her in 7 days in finding her first lover. She is required to go on dates, play games, share a home, and make a decision by the end of the week.

The competitors include both well-known idols and regular software developers. Da-Hye, however, is exclusively interested in Won-Gu. Seon-Ho, another contender, is also important to Won-Gu. He has the final say in who wins because he’s the producer. We are aware of Seon-Ho’s significant debt, and the award money will help a great deal in paying it off. The competition is currently closed. Seon-Ho is now in second place in the rankings, closely followed by Kim Dong-Yoon. 

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Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 33: Recap

We received a glimpse of Seon-Ho’s past in the last chapter. His father was an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler who passed away suddenly one day. Seon-Ho was now left to take charge and take on the role of family head. The loan sharks also anticipated that he would pay off his father’s debt in his place. Seon-Ho must prevail in the contest for this reason. He and his mother, a widow, will be able to live comfortably with the aid of the money. 

Seon-Ho is seen resting in bed contemplating Da-Hye. He tells himself that he needs to improve and that he ought to take care of her rather than the other way around. Da-Hye is already in love with Won-Gu, and Seon-Ho is aware of this, but he doesn’t care.

After that, the action moves to the Viewer’s Choice corporate office, where they are debating player rankings. Won-Gu muses on whether it is yet appropriate to use his “secret weapon” given that Dong-Yoon appears to be in the driving seat. 

Viewer’s Choice: The Dating Show Chapter 34 Release Date: Expectations

It appears like Won-Gu has a strategy in place to make Seon-Ho the centre of attention. It takes a lot of skill to raise one’s rating over that of a K-pop idol. After all, Won-Gu must have something genuinely amazing planned. Da-Hye was completely absent from the preceding chapter’s visuals.

Hopefully, she will appear more in the upcoming chapter. We are quite curious to see her response to the events taking on all around her. With the exception of Won-Gu, no one knows what is going through Da-Hye’s mind as the season comes to a close. 

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