Please Divorce Me Chapter 38 Release Date Stands Confirmed: Detailed Information On It!

Haemin is back with the famous and most awaited manhwa Please Divorce Me. Readers have been anxious to read the next chapter and know more about it. Since the serialisation of the manhwa, the creators Haemin as well as Yune have gained huge popularity. The manhwa delves into the story of Eun Chae and her husband Jin Wook. It is a sweet mixture of Romance and Supernatural genres. Please Divorce Me Chapter 38 Release Date has been finalised and it is disclosed here in this article. In case you are wondering and curious to know the date, keep scrolling till the end. 

Please Divorce Me Chapter 38 Release Date

Attention Readers! The fandom of this famous manhwa is hidden to none. Keeping the storyline in mind, it is nothing surprising. Well, fans have been praying to know more about the release date. The dates are finally disclosed by the creators. The manhwa is all set to release its next chapter that is Please Divorce Me Chapter 38 on the 24th of September, 2023. Extreme love and appreciation from the fans and readers throughout have made the manhwa keep going. Further in this article, all the information on the storyline, spoilers as well and a quick recap of the previous chapter has been discussed. Keep reading to know more.

Please Divorce Me: Overview

The manga is the story of a millionaire Jin Wook. Even after living his life in the most luxurious way possible, he could not find love. He married our protagonist Eun Chae. The marriage was just for the sake of it. To all of our surprise, marrying a millionaire did not give happiness to Eun Chae. She was caged in the matrimonial ties and lived a life of a housewife. Even though she tried to bring a spark to the relationship, all her efforts went in vain. She was treated coldly and was banned from stepping out of the house. 

The story takes a turn when Eun Chae dies in a car accident. She landed in heaven where she got one last chance to revamp her miserable life. So she was sent back to the earth to live her life on her own terms. The first thing she does on reaching Earth is ask for divorce from her husband. What moves are further taken? Will it be an easy process or will things turn even worse between the two? To know the answers you have to read the manhwa.

Please Divorce Me Chapter 37: Recap

Although they had been married for three years, Jin Wook and Eun Chae finally admitted a few things to themselves in the previous chapter. They had actually been in love for a very long time but had been unable to tell one other. 36 chapters later, it finally happened!

Later, they discussed their childhood. Eun Chae came to the realisation that the past buddy she had spent was also the reason that someone as successful as Jin Wook had contacted our typical Eun Chae about marriage. Although Eun Chae’s passing is imminent she has only six months left. We may anticipate that she and Jin Wook will finally lead a life as true wedded partners in the forthcoming chapters. 

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Please Divorce Me Chapter 38: Spoilers!

The readers are inquisitive to know more about the upcoming chapter. Curiosity is normal. Please Divorce Me has been doing great since its serialisation and such fandom can be highly anticipated from the mahwa. 

In the next chapter, we can expect Jin Wook and Eun Chae to fall in love immensely and truly. The brewing love story will throw the readers awestruck in the next chapter. However, the approaching death of Eun Chae cannot be ignored. It can be highly anticipated to witness her death in the next chapter. This will surely bring spine-chilling moments in the plot. 

Where To Read?

Unfortunately the manhwa Please Divorce Me has not been translated by any official platform. However, don’t get disheartened. The raw version is always available for you to read on KakaoPage. So in case you are eager to read the manhwa head straight to the platform. You will get access to read not only the recent chapter but also the previous ones.

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