The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Release Date Receives Greenlight!

A tale of angst and drama, The Problematic Prince has been stirring waves on the Internet. The Shoujo manga blends in the iconic forbidden romance genre and sheathes it with a fine layer of emotional turmoil. It delves into the untouched corners of a royal family and deals with concepts of manipulation and gore. Though some themes have been found to be questionable, there is no denying the Hollywood-inspired novel-style storyline of the manga. 

Due to its intense storyline and enigmatic characters, the manga has amassed a million views and tens of thousands of fans. If you, too, are one of these fans, wondering whether The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 release date has been confirmed by the author, here is your chance!

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Release Date

The author, Solche collaborated with an anonymous illustrator, Cactus, to manifest The Problematic Prince in late 2022. The duo began serialising the manga in the Naver Series and Webtoon platforms. Currently, the manga boasts more than a lakh fans despite being in its early stages. The creative storyline aside, the reason behind the success of the manga is considered to be the author’s steady publishing schedule. Now, Solche has greenlit the upcoming iteration.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 is scheduled to be released on September 25, 2023. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Naver Series in the Korean language. The English translation is hosted by Tappytoon but it is worth noting that it would take a while for this upcoming chapter to be available in the dubbed version.

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The Problematic Prince Manga Overview

The Problematic Prince follows Erna Hardy, a kindhearted and ambitious royalty who has been abandoned by her father at a young age. Erna has been residing in a small countryside along with her mother’s family ever since. She has been considered an outcast by the elite of Lechen’s high society due to her introverted personality. Though Erna tries her best to blend in with the royalties, she keeps flailing in her endeavour due to the endless conspiracy theories flooding the society regarding her.

Hardy begins seeking solace in quiet corners, away from the judgemental glares of those around her. But her life is thrown off-kilter when her grandfather, the legendary Baron Baden suddenly expires, leaving his entire wealth to Erna. The Badens scatter apart upon hearing that Baron left all of his assets to Hardy, who has no knowledge of the royal traditions. Instead of delighting in her circumstances and the newfound fortune, Hardy begins contemplating a way out of the mess the Badens have found themselves in.

She then stumbles across Prince Björn Dniester, the kingdom’s “Royal Poisonous Mushroom” and her situation deteriorates further. Erna finds herself trapped in Björn’s labyrinth but is he truly as atrocious as the speculations and gossip portray him to be?

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Plot

As it turns out, Björn is as manipulative as he is cunning. To get rid of his ex-wife’s constant hankerings, the prince decides to use Erna as a pawn. He decides to approach her with a simple offer–he will get rid of her problems and she has to help him get rid of his ex-wife once and for all. However, before he could Erna commits a mistake and becomes indebted to Björn. She soon finds herself at the centre of Björn’s royal mess as his newlywed wife. Though Erna, too, believes Björn to be a toxic mess, the latter’s gentle actions challenge her question.

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 and beyond will focus on developing Erna and Björn’s fragile relationship. Since the author has enough story arcs to continue the manga for the next hundred chapters, each iteration has become highly anticipated among fans, isn’t it?

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Release Date: FAQs 

1. What Is The Problematic Prince Manga About?

The manga follows a misunderstood prince, Björn Dniester and an abandoned princess, Erna Hardy. It portrays a star-crossed, conspiracy-encrusted tale of the duo.

2. Who Is The Author Of The Problematic Prince Manga?

The manga is written by Solche and illustrated by Cactus.

3. Is The Problematic Prince Manga Adapted From A Novel?

No, The Problematic Prince isn’t adapted from a novel.

4. Is The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Release?

The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 is scheduled for release on September 25, 2023.

6. Where To Read The Problematic Prince Chapter 38 Online?

You can read this dramedy-style manga online on Naver Series, Naver Webtoon and Tappytoon.

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