Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43 Release Date: Official Update

Among all the ideas of romance, love triangles are the worst. Although this might sound attractive from some points, in reality, it is draining in nature. Melt Me With Your Voice tells the tale of a love triangle.

The manhwa tells a story that revolves around our female lead. In her work life, she falls in love with two people simultaneously and hence gets stuck in a triangular romance scenario. People always love to dig into these types of stories that feature illicit affairs. So the manhwa has managed to generate a fanbase. Now, a lot of them are curious about the release date of Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43.

Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43 Release Date: Everything We Know

If you have read a few chapters of this manhwa, you already know about the story of each chapter that was released till now. If you are an avid manhwa reader, you might know how difficult it is to keep a manhwa attractive even after a large number of chapters get published. And the job gets more difficult when your story belongs to the romance or fantasy genre. This is the most common category of manga or manhwa. So, this time, the creators have successfully taken things.

Melt Me With Your Voice is such a manhwa that features a three-person romantic angle. Love triangles are often heard, but the manhwa has portrayed this in quite a perfect manner. As a result, readers have loved the story so far and every chapter of this manhwa has gained a good amount of readership. Now, the fans are curious about the possibility of a new upcoming chapter. So, what is the Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43 release date? Is the chapter going to be released soon?

In this article, you will get a detailed discussion about the plot and possible spoilers. But, for now, let me clear your doubts. Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43 release date is 24th September, 2023. India will get access to it after 6 p.m. IST, Sunday. This date is absolutely fixed for other regions like Japan, Korea, London, New York, Los Angeles, Australia, Central and Eastern Europe, Singapore, Eastern Indonesia, and the Philippines. The upcoming chapter will be available from Sunday everywhere around the globe.

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Melt Me With Your Voice: An Infamous Love Triangle

You must have read the first part of this article. So, without repeating the background of the story, let me take you into the plot. Our manhwa talks about the life of Min-ju Jang. She is a news anchor and the female lead of our story. Although she works at a news station, Min-ju Jang is often praised by a lot of her friends and colleagues. Min-ju Jang had great looks, she had a gorgeous smile and one can often mistake her as some celebrity or public figure. 

She is a beginner but as a news anchor in KBC, Min-ju Jang has managed to gain success. Although Wook Han initially rejected her, looking at her success, his arrogance was gone. Wook now wanted her to assist him. At the same time, Sim Woo-Kim also approaches her. These two men keep revolving around Min-ju Jang. Their warm nature makes her want to fall in love with both of them. In Chapter 42, we see our anchor Min-ju Jang taking a risk to take her career further.

Min-ju Jang is seen reporting to the TV station live by hanging on the zip line. Everyone was anxious and their anxiety turned into panic soon. Suddenly, the stream was cut off, the broadcasting signal was gone and people heard a big thud sound. Everyone thought Min-ju Jang had fallen down. But gradually, she was found out of danger. It was Min-ju Jang who kept on fussing around with the camera equipment.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 43 And Where To Read This Manhwa 

In the last chapter, Wook Han got very worried – he was behaving like a madman to see that Min-ju Jang was in danger. The situation got so heated up that the whole room was looking at Wook Han. In Chapter 43, we can see that Min-ju Jang might get more inclined towards him. The office environment is usually bland and cold. This heartwarming gesture has amazed Min-ju Jang. 

But for now, let us just wait till the upcoming chapter is here. It will be better if we stop speculating till Melt Me With Your Voice Chapter 43 release date finally arrives here. If you want to read this Manhwa, you can go to Kakao Page by clicking here.

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