King The Land Chapter 21 Release Date Finds Itself Entangled In Dilemma!

Serving as a sort of prequel to Im Hyun-wook’s popular K-drama, King The Land, the eponymous manga has been pulling the strings of millions of hearts. After the Netflix series tied the story arcs and climaxed in June 2023, the author of the series, Choi Rom, began publishing the manga on the Kakao Page. Initially, it was supposed to extend the plot of the series and portray a heartfelt tale of luscious love. However, with the recent announcements made by the author, King The Land has become more of a source of an unyielding Internet debacle than an enticing manga.

Fans are enraged due to the constant time jumps instilled in the manga and the deteriorating storyline. Among the ongoing dilemmas, the author has announced the King The Land Chapter 21 release date.

King The Land Chapter 21 Release Date

Choi Rom began serializing the manga on the Kakao Page website in June 2023 and has satiated the unyielding curiosity among fans. However, instead of continuing the storyline from where his K-drama left off, the author decided to portray the events prior to the series. His approach garnered him acclaim from critics and fans alike and King The Land became one of the trendiest mangas in August 2023.

Then, Choi Rom altered his approach and began instilling time jumps in the manga. These haphazardly designed leaps threw fans off. As if these stagnant story arcs weren’t enough, the author announced that he is discontinuing the manga. His statement led to another uproar on the Internet and overshadowed his excitement for the finale.

King The Land Chapter 21, the final instalment in the series, is scheduled for release on September 22, 2023. It will be available in the Korean language on the Kakao Page. An English translation is available on the Tapas platform but the site hosts only 18 chapters so far.

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King The Land Manga Overview 

The manga follows a hotelier, Gu Won, who finds himself in an inheritance battle with his older half-sister, Goo Hwa-ran. Though he tries his best to become the next leader of The King Hotel, he is unable to compete against Hwa-ran. While she gravitates towards the monetary benefits, Won tries to put his staff and clients’ satisfaction above everything else. Due to this approach, Won’s father pairs him with an attendant, Sarang.

The duo keep clashing against each other, constantly bickering and snarling to prove their points. Sarang, though reluctantly, deals with Won’s rigid attitude and tries honing his nonexistent hotel-oriented skills. With each passing day, Sarang unveils Won’s camouflaged secrets and figures out the major reason behind his rage-induced fits.

King The Land Chapter 21 Plot

Won was abandoned as a child by his mother and has been struggling to find her ever since. Neglected as a child, Won has sworn to not let his family’s misdemeanours affect him. However, he keeps failing to keep the shadow of his dark past from overlapping his present.

But after coming across Sarang and witnessing her optimism, Won becomes enamoured and soon develops feelings for her. While his feelings are equally reciprocated, the couple is tied due to their professional commitments. Eventually, Sarang resigns from The King Hotel and establishes her own cafe. Won takes over the business and the duo try to keep their relationship floating. The final instalment in the manga, King The Land Chapter 21, will portray the happy ending for the couple as they reunite after years of maintaining this long-distance relationship.

King The Land Chapter 21 Release Date: FAQs 

1. What Is King The Land Manga About?

It is a rom-com manga centred around a hotelier, Gu Won, who finds himself drawn to his employee, Sarang.

2. Who Is The Author Of King The Land Manga?

The manga is written by Choi Rom.

3. Is King The Land Manga Adapted From A Novel?

No, King The Land isn’t adapted from a novel. Rather it is inspired by the eponymous K-drama.

4. Is King The Land Chapter 21 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will King The Land Chapter 21 Release?

King The Land Chapter 21 is scheduled to be released on September 22, 2023.

6. Where To Read King The Land Chapter 21 Online?

You can read the manga online on the Kakao Page.

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