SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 97 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap & Everything You Must Know

The romantic manga series is a well-to-do series for readers of all age groups. they love reading it, and knowing more about the series excites them even more. when the male lead is only and the female lead is accompanied by one of her competitors to lure the male lead, it gives different excitement in the plot. The unique storyline of this series, to be discussed has made it a unique series to be read.

The series SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is a romantic tale, actually, it seems to be a romantic tale, but it isn’t for so long. As initials tell the transformation the end shows the fight between the females to lure the male lead. But anyway, for the male lead and for our readers, the plot, is always a thrilling one to know who is gonna win next and what will be the state of loser after the final match.

Hence, today we will be discussing this unique romantic, thrill series further, and as we head into the article we will also disclose the releasing date of the new chapters of the series, and also the spoilers to it. so let us continue reading the article which by the end will surely take you to another world of the series and force you to read the manga super soon. 

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 97 Release Date

After the release of 90+ chapters of the series, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter. This uniquely loved plot series is scheduled to release its new chapter 97 on September 22, 2023, on its official page, Kakao. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series SSS-Class Suicide Hunter begins with our male lead Gongja trying to lure the female lead, Raviel to fall in love with him, but she is in the state of finding freedom and love, and thus she isnt in love with anyone right now. Everything in the time goes well until a butler enters the screen, and ruins the moment within a second, telling Gonja about his mistress, the golden flower lady.

Well, this manhwa is extraordinarily boring as it pulls up the stories too long. Due to this the love story of Gongja and Raviel took chapters to get confessed. And when Gongja confessed his love to Raviel, a butler interrupted it. As a whole, both Gongja and Raviel, look cute together and also seem to be made for each other like a couple, but the interruption of the third person, and the second female ruins it all.

The butler shifts the mind of Gongja to the lady golden flower, and Gongja will be seen rushing behind her, as he finds her to be way more beautiful than the lady silver lily. On the other side, the lady Silver Lily, or our female lead, Raviel, is in search of freedom and love so she feels what happened was good, as she didn’t love him at that point. 

Predicted Plot of Chapter 97

In the last chapter 96, we see Gongja’s mind full of confusion and tension about following his love or his synchronization. As the lady of the golden flower is now, asking Gongja to return to back to her, as she hates Ravel and also loves Gongja, it is heavy and scary for him to take one decision and on the other side, we see Raviel, asking for a stick 4 times bigger than the original one. Also, most of the events are left to be covered in this chapter.

The only thing they showed us last chapter 96, is Gongja’s state of confusion, the golden flower lady’s continuous summoning of Gongja, and nothing else. Further, it shows why Lady Golden Flower is behind Raviel’s man, Gongja not because she loves him, but because she wants to take revenge on Raviel, as she hated her for no perfect reason. 

Well, in the upcoming chapters, we wish to know, whom Gongja chooses, Lady Golden Flower, or his love Raviel. The readers wish it should be Raviel, as they both look good together as well. Now, in the next panel readers expect to know, about Lady Golden Flower’s new plan to hit Raviel, which should bring some spice to the plot of the series. 

Where To Read The Series

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is available on their official page, Kakao Page, and Tapas for readers all around the globe. 

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